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  1. so my dad came home with a dea inspector sticker and it looks legit. just wondering if u think it wouldg get me out of any tickets if i put it on my car?
  2. Why would you?
  3. I don't think it would hurt to try. But, I could be wrong.
  4. wait why would i what
  5. Lmao. Probably not.
  6. ima take apicture of it
  7. post it here :D
  8. Ughhh my G2 doesnt have a memory stick so i can't post pictures. I'ma try and figure something out but advice would be appreciated.
  9. u could get in trouble for impersonating a leo if it's only meant to be put on agents' cars
  10. sounds like sellin out the blades to me and if anything youll get impersonating a gov official or something. ^ yea what this dude said hahaha
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    Okay so I just looked at it. It says:
    City of New York State Police
  12. dude depends are you serious looking + serious car? like a nice ride, and driving sober? then id go for it...

    if you have rastas, drive a caddy with 28"rims chrome spinners and have smoke coming out of your sunroof all the time i wouldnt...^^ that would just be stupid... it might stop a cop from even stopping you in the first place... but im not a cop so i dont know what they would think... so its up to you ;)
  13. I also have a district attorney police card and according to wikipedia that is the highest rank in the police force so I think I'm good.
  14. go smoke a dutch by the police station and find out

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