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~DEA~stash thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DEA, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Finally making a stash thread since I got a decent camera now. Tell me how they look:smoke:

    Half oz of outdoot sour d and some mids

    Attached Files:

  2. I'd smoke it
  3. I'd tap that
  4. Might not want to post pictures of weed in multiple bags like that...just looks shady...
  5. Wish we could see the real DEA's stash.

  6. Meh, mine's bigger... :eek:
  7. no that so called sour D that is that shitty turkey bag weed grown in cali for 1600 an elbo witch has flooded the streets in the states for 3200 a lb it's nasty and has only a couple of seeds it's the replacement for mids in nasty it's an impostor stay away it's sold for $300 a zip and it has seeds.some of the strains from the same supplier is sour d headband ak47 mango kush they are all nasty and fake they grow what ever and slap a name on it that it's closes to the guy that made the thread knows what im talking about

  8. It prob is the DEA stash that shit is being confiscated all over the place that is the mail stuff witch I DO NOT MESS WITH and you should not ether

  9. I understand where you are going with the names that are slapped on many random strains of marijuana, but not all herb that is flooding the streets of non-MMJ states is illegitimate.

  10. but that is the stuff in the pic that I'm talking about he did not grow that ask him if he found seed's
  11. look at the picture number three that bag is older than I am that came strait from the DEA confiscation room seem's like somethings a little off here

  12. Yup I just got a piece I always get different shit ..cali is floodded with all different type I was told sour d
    But of course I knew it wasnt loooks like some regular outdoor and some1 slapd a name on it cant lie I did it before, but the price is alrite
  13. Looks like stuff from an evidence locker

    ....DEA.....:eek: :laughing:

  14. you must b young ,
    that bag isnt that old looking . ive had a couple bags like that too
  15. lol i cant believe you guys dont smell the bacon. his name is DEA for fucks sake.
  16. I smell weed
  17. how do you feel about taking all those innocent peoples weed and then smoking while proceeding to take pictures of their weed and saying its your on a weed forum?!?!!?! ahhhhh!!

  18. looks decent.. since I found out my cities too poor to give me a court date or fine, I'd smoke it:smoke:

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