DEA showing how they use thermal imaging Rite now on TV.

Discussion in 'General' started by Stroomz, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Yea they already showed them busting crack and dope houses now there about to do a marijuana bust using thermal imaging, on right now channel 61 Spike Tv.
  2. oh shit theyre about to bust a grow house.. but they said "we dont have the money or the time to do thermal imaging on all the cities in the usa, that would just be ridiculous"
  3. No he said on the whole city of detroit, so just the whole city is ridiculous:cool:
  4. I'm watching it too.

    I really like the show, but hate when they bust people for weed
    fuck em
  5. lol @ just ask ed.
  6. oh wow wtf they were just tearing plant after plant after plant outta the dirt and shit... so brutal... so WRONG

    then this asshole says "this is the most efficient and biggest LAB that ive ever seen"

    Lab? marijuana lab? geez they make it sound like a meth lab to ppl who are watching

  7. yea that was funny, looked like a sweet grow i saw one plant said it was Gum 2..damn what a horrible nightmare :( fucking DEA:p
  8. they ar eplaying UFC on my spike right now...
  9. i feel so bad for the grower ):
  10. spike is channel 145 for me.

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