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DEA Search Warrants/Phone Taps Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 22jl420, May 12, 2012.

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    Hey Guys,

    So, I had some shit happen to a friend of mine recently and wondered if anyone here could give me any advice about the situation.

    My friend and I are both somewhat small-time in a place where authorities have really been cracking down recently. I help him out and a few other people, which is why this scared me to begin with.

    Someone wore a wire on him, which ended up in a DEA raid of his place. His friend (someone I didn't know) called me, saying that the person who wore a wire on him may have come to my place with him at some point. Immediately when he called and told me this, I freaked out and got all my shit out of my place. I took it to a friend's and eventually got rid of it all (with the exception of personal Os for the summer).

    I was wondering - is there any way the DEA would be looking at me now and how would I even know? Can the DEA get a search warrant or phone tap on me just because my friend told them I was selling (I don't think he did, but hypothetically)? Wouldn't they have to actually make a purchase from me, because that's what they did with him when someone wore a wire on him - at least to arrest me on charges?

    I've looked all over the internet for DEA warrant/phone tap procedures, looking at the DEA Agent's Manual, etc, etc, but have been unable to find anything about this.

    So what do they need to get a search warrant/phone tap on me?

    This is just fucking stupid because I really only do this so I can smoke for free and hook up my friends. Any advice would be greatly appreciated from anyone more knowledgeable.

    Thank you!
  2. damn... i have no advice but this seems like its gonna get intense :O
  3. Idk but u just fuked up ur history list lmao when they raid and get ur computer for "memory"...

    fuk cops lmao get those oz out of there!!!

    Or bury it in the backyard In a wooden box in mason jars.. what I did with pounds..
  4. Not too concerned about having an O without any scales, excess bags, etc. I can obviously argue its for personal use for the summer (college student), at least I think I should be able to.

    Does anyone know any good reads that will help me learning drug laws and procedures? Trying to educate myself because of this, so I can then figure out what I want to do.
  5. Hide the O"s somewhere safe for a month while it blows over, and if you have a grow watch yourself
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    OP there is not going to be anything you can read that will make you safe from the cops/DEA or whatever you think is after you.

    Only sell to people you trust 100% and don't make sales to people you've never seen and play it on the safe side for awhile. That is the only way to ensure some type of security in this situation :)
  7. Wish I could just ask them if I was under investigation. Lol
  8. Admitting your a DRUG DEALER, not a smart idea
  9. #9 Ranchero, May 12, 2012
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    Lol, if your name got thrown out there in the course of an investigation and raid, all they need is a friendly judge to write a warrant; happens all the time.

    Tough luck, you're stuck to the Tar Baby. Kind of late in the game for you to be trying to educate yourself about the fine points of the law.
  10. Yeah...............................................

    So - If my name got thrown out there, they raid me, I have nothing but a bong and a couple g's, they can't do shit, can they?
  11. Ahhh gotta love spring cleaning. Every town I've lived in builds cases all year and pulls a ton of busts in the spring. Granted these have been rural college towns, but if you're in a small town it might be what your police force is doing too.
  12. "I help him out and a few other people, which is why this scared me to begin with."

    "This is just fucking stupid because I really only do this so I can smoke for free and hook up my friends."

    ^^See, here's your problem, doesn't matter that you just have "a bong and a couple g's" when they kick your door in.
  13. Unless they can prove he has an intent to distribute, which they obviously no longer can, he can't be charged for it.

    Just because someone snitches means nothing. Have you seen Grow Op? They needed someone to go into the house to prove they were growing weed, they couldn't just take the word of someone else.

    If he has gotten rid of everything, the worst that could happen is that he is charged with the oz. Stop giving advice when you don't know anything.
  14. Ahahahaha, another Internet lawyer. The DEA is onto the guy, they have a snitch on a wiretap, and what makes you think that's all?

    Hey OP, this guy says you're fine, nothing to worry about. Go back to dealing, you're good man!

    See, the real professional criminals have lawyers on retainer, a stash of cash to pay legal bills, and a plan. These kiddie amateurs just start slangin', and think they'll figure it out down the road. Brilliant! Lol.
  15. When did I say he should go back to dealing? You're an idiot, please leave. :D Putting words into my mouth is not appreciated.

    He has gotten rid of everything except a bit of marijuana for personal use. There is no possibility he can be charged for intent to distribute if he only has marijuana for personal use and stops dealing.

    You act like you're on some type of pedestal, get the hell off.

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