DEA raids Seattle Dispensaries

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  1. The mighty sword of the federal government is falling,,and there is no sign of victory except to make the cartels richer. I saw a report that said Mexico has a bumper crop this year,,I guess the DEA is insuring that they can sell it.
  2. As i recall i said Seattle was the next state the feds target, it doesn't surprise me. Goes to show when other states are getting raided, don't think you're not under the radar of the federal agents. They don't bust anything good anymore so they must increase their numbers of cases so they can still exist. Its just a shame they are trying to increase their numbers against patients, but until CANNABIS IS LEGAL, They will continue to be shut down because they are golden cases under federal law.
  3. Fucking hell, man. I was hoping to hit that shit up when I went back for Christmas. We'll see how shit goes in the next month I guess.
  4. I'm losing faith in the human race if people are to stupid to see what they are doing is wrong and wasting money. WE NEED TO UNITE FELLOW GRASSCITY MEMBERS!
  5. We need to fucking elect Ron Paul so we can end the 40 year war on drugs. That's what we need to unite on.
  6. No arrests were made..

    So basically they are stealing and getting away with it cause they are cops.

    I think dispensaries need to start getting some sniper coverage (paintball bullets). Should teach them DEA to think twice about raiding.

    I honestly think someones gonna get raided, and the shop owners just kill every DEA officer with a nade or something.

    People are going to revolt soon, its bound to happen.
  7. Cannabis/Spiritual/Humanity HOLOCAUST
  8. our government is out of control and needs a good slap in the face.

    DEA is to be the first dept to be dissolved

    assholes and then the local popo always feels the need to help out.
  9. This is just fucking sad:(

  10. Sorry but electing a President for the legalization of cannabis isn't a bright idea. I think Gary Johnson has better policies and views (IMO).

    Too bad about this headline. Its hard to trust the government these days, especially when they are taking away rights of the disabled and ill.
  11. The clip of the man trying to open the locked door with crutches completely sums up the argument that the DEA just needs to fucking leave mmj alone.
  12. You are aware that Ron Paul has other political stances aside from his stance on drugs right?

    My favorite dispensary got raided and closed down. Apparently because they were"greedy" even though they have the lowest prices around. I personally know the guy who owned the place, he wasn't abusing the system at all. This is just a last ditch attempt by the feds

    edit: I also frequent the first dispensary they showed in the video
  13. I don't think we should elect Ron Paul just to legalize cannabis.

    I think we should elect Ron Paul to legalize freedom, liberty and individual responsibility. Oh yeah, ending the wars and bringing the troops home is a mighty good idea also.
  14. Fucking pigs. Seriously.

    Rather than wasting time and tax-payers' money going after harmless potheads, they should go arrest the politicians and the financial fraudsters running amok in Washington D.C. and Wall Street -- those are the REAL dangerous ones harming society.

    What has Marijuana ever fucking done to harm anyone?

    Nasty people fucking suck.
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    Magix was my place, loved it. Pretty pissed because they have done everything they can to not be in your face with their actions, all the paperwork is in place and they do not make money.

    This is what really pisses me off BIG TIME... The herb in Magix is all donated including the clones.. some of the clones were fucking mine. Assholes. (the feds)

    They seriously just fucking took the closest place away from me.. yet they leave covington hollistic in op? Covington is a fucking front ran by bikers stupid fucking feds. Magix is owned by two people, pat and his wife.. the amount of people who donate meds to this place is pretty large and the return is not.

    I wish i was not in the middle of a grow I'd be down in seattle at the occupy protest, they seriously just pissed me off big time.
  16. backlash is doubtful the media is just going to call weed smokers "lazy durito eating stoners" like always and not even report this.
  17. agreed. things will only get worse..

    its a consciousness war
  18. Fuck I did not even see cross on there.. they talk about making it easier for patients? what about us rural patients you fucking dicks.

    Osteophytes and Facets. 100% Verfiable and legitimate and NOW I have to drive over an HOUR for my fucking meds?

    Fuck you feds, I was content to stay at home and let the occupy protest play out.. not anymore.

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