DEA official freaks out at Senate hearing (vid)

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by well highdrated, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Lol fuck that sad sober man. Don't Criticize it, Legalize It!
  2. I never saw him FREAK OUT?

  3. Sorry about freaking out guys.
  4. He looked sooo passionate about what he was saying, and what he is doing in the DEA. He was also pretty good at speaking.... Somebody give this man a grammy. He's definitely paid off for his acting and speaking skills. At least I hope he doesn't mean what he's saying, or believe in it.
  5. I would imagine it's tough to see your meal ticket vanishing.....too fucking bad....
  6. This guy is full shit, the US government is growing 92% of the worlds opium in Afghanistan. They dont care about this country only the money they get for keeping mj illegal
  7. he seemed genuinely passionate about his beliefs ... poor bastard. 
  8. The worst part of the vid was the old cunt at the end that ate up all the bullshit Capra was spewing.
    yet another cock knocker  with no real life knowledge about marijuana at all who's afraid he'll lose all his precious fucking money..simple !
    fuck you asshole !
    your GREED for money and your image make no nevermind to me..
     your a scumbag regardless
  10. Pathetic.  I would bet my bottom dollar he runs the division that is responsible for mj.  He is pleading for his damn job bc he has SIX kids to raise, and a wife. He thought he would be able to retire from this gravy job, haha, too bad so sad.  
    He never arrested an addict, is there such a thing as an mj addiction?   He's so scared for the next gen, he needs to focus on the chemical crap kids are turning to so easily that they are dropping dead left and right.  
    A 30 yr old friend of my son's died from a heroin od last week, right out of rehab.
     Let's put more effort into the real drug problems for our kid's sake, IDIOTS! 
  11. Everyone is gonna be sad when its legal. And our economy is gonna be fucked
  12. I think perhaps you are a little "to" something.
    Here's a tip:  Don't call somebody or something stupid while making grammatical errors.
    It doesn't really help you make your point.
  13. Posted in the comments section
  14. [​IMG]
    It's still in there huh?
  15. I turned it off just before he sucked that senator's dick....he did didn't he?
  16. Yeah he never freaked out and I was impressed actually with his compassion and speaking skills. Only if he had real knowledge he could be speaking for legalization rights instead. Why are they fighting this so hard when the facts are in front of their face? The should be worrying about other more serious drugs.

  17. This guy is talking about weed like it's meth or crack - somebody roll up a fatty for that fatty
    Please elaborate,
    I would love to tear apart your argument with logic.

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