DEA Makes Statement About Delta-8

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  1. My pain management went flying out the window when I read my daily newsletter from Marijuana Moment this morning. It seems the DEA put out a letter stating that since Delt-8 and other THC0 products are not from the natural cannabis plant and has to be made synthetically, it is considered a schedule 1 controlled substance. And the funny thing about it is that the Indiana General Assembly just passed a new tax law this morning to tax and regulate craft hemp products including Delta 8. I can't win for losing. I think my life just got dramatically shorter since I'm going to have to start taking ibuprofen again to control my arthritis pain. I'm already in stage 2 renal failure. Is there anything else that can go wrong??
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  2. Theres better NSAIDS out there than ibuprofen. Try some celebrex.
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  3. It would take sometime before the state makes it illegal, wouldn't it? I mean I don't get paid again until the 3rd of the month. Will I have time to make one last order before the law goes into effect?
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  4. Congress will still have to take action, even if they decide to side with the dea it will still take some time.
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  5. I think I will get stocked up.
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  6. Wouldn't hurt.
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    No "traditional market" hookup in your area? Go talk to musicians. Odds are good they know somebody.
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  8. I had to move in with my daughter in Indiana when my mom died. Couldn't afford rent on $700 a month. I don't know anyone that sells it here. I was thinking about quitely asking at a dispensary here in town. There are several in Newburgh and Evansville. But she told me I would have to get out if I continued to purchase it illegally. So they took away my driving privileges, can't use their car to make a run. They don't want me to use Delta 8 but as long as it's LEGAL, it's ok with them. But people on yelp are complaining about certain rental car company having cars that smell like weed here in Evansville! Gosh I wonder why? A dispensary is just one and a half hour's drive from here.
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  9. Tough position you're in. Sending love your way.
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  10. Thank you. I had more freedom living with my mom.
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  11. Unfortunately that doesn't help. Neither does Voltaren or cortisone shots. I can't take opiates because of my colon. Tylenol is out because of my liver. That's why I turned cannabis.
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  12. Damn.
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  13. If Delta 9 works for you, just buy some THCa Hemp.
    If you want to use it in edibles you can decarb it
    and get all the Delta 9 THC you could want.

    If You're smoking/vaporizing it, it decarbs with the heat
    of that process.

    It's legal, so no worries of getting arrested.
    You can find it online.
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  14. My daughter's husband doesn't even want me to burn candles or incense in my room. I'm 61 years old and they treat me like a child.
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  15. Just lay there screaming and moaning for a couple of nights.
    When he asks whats up, tell him he wont let you use your meds and
    you're in pain all night.

    A couple of nights of that and he'll be opening the oven door for you.
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  16. Diclofenac is specifically for arthritis pain without the renal effects. It's hell on the stomach, but pepsid fixes that.
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  17. Do you get benefits from regular Delta-8 THC? That's still legal.

    The only thing they're making illegal, at least for now,
    is THCO. Both the Delta-8 and Delta-9 versions.
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  18. Last I checked the DEA just like the ATF doesn't have the power to create laws. How about our lawmakers tell them to suck a dick? Oh wait they'll just get paid off in a slightly less direct way than a third world country. Fucking clown world.
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  19. The DEA can Schedule any drug they have a mind to.
    They don't need to run to Congress to outlaw a drug.

    We're basically talking about Analogues of THC, which
    is already Schedule One. So if DEA gets a gnat up their
    asses about Delta 8 they'll just outlaw it.

    They have said however, that they're not gonna mess
    with Delta 8, or any Cannabinoid that occurs naturally
    in the Hemp plant.
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