dea goes too far

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    if you watch the show DEA they talk about how they are quite proud of their surveillance tech and how they can fly over a ctiy and locate grow houses and go arrest them using state of the art cameras and how they can see into almost every home they look at....wait WTF??!?!?!?! So we cant be safe in our own homes cause these fuckers take it upon themselves to watch everything were doing? not to mention they only show the worst of people to make us think that all weed dealers live in the ghetto, have rotties and pitbulls to keep their stashes safe, have guns on them at all times, and are willing to kill people for a gram of weed. If you look it up online theres a DEA clip of them raiding a old guys house who has concer and a big dude fuckin runnin up and tackling this old guys ass. I just dont get it :confused:

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  2. They use heat sensors dude. If you are using grow lights most likely they will show up on the camera. Fuckin piggies:mad:
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    uhhh what else is new , what do you think the patriot act was, it was Americans surrendering their rights, you think wire tapping actually caught terrorist? hell no the bush admin. did everything to get into the Americans lives while suger coating their proposals saying its for the good of the nation, Its all bullshit if u ask and even after barack was elected i still cant wrap my head around how did this guy get two terms.

    OBAMA FOR THE WIN and all you rednecks and republicans and bibel thumpers who have a problem with it .DEAL WITH IT WE DEALT WITH BUSHES ANTICS
  4. yeah i was watching that last night. i knew i wouldnt like it cuz i knew what it was gonna be like but nothing else was on. its just so dumb how they yell at people saying theyre saving their lives and all that shit...if it was legal they wouldnt be put in danger of buying and no one would have to sell. its like, these guys just busted everything up in my house, ripped it apart, got me evicted, probably sending me to jail and then turns to me like im less of a human than them and saying were doing you a favor...fuck the cops

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