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DEA ending MMJ raids!!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by amsterdamage, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. A.G. Holder has announced that ending the medical marijuana raids is "now American policy".

    This is huge news!!! It's not the end of the prohibition but it is a very big nail in its coffin!

    And as an especially nice touch, he announced the policy while standing right beside Michele Leonhart, the acting administrator of the DEA and the person responsible for the raids. haha..
    The announcement is at minute 25 of the conference.

  2. that's awesome!

    these last weeks have got me real excited :)
  3. :cool:Hell motha fuckin yea!
  4. score 1 for basic human rights!
  5. a tear just came, im such a little bitch.....change is happenin!! woot woot:hello:
  6. Me too, so much has happened!

    I'm going to write to all my legislators today telling them that this announcement supports MMJ laws in GA and the removal of marijuana from Schedule I of the CSA.

    It now makes no sense to say that marijuana has no medical purposes if it's fully legal under state law in 14 states and the federal government has a policy of not enforcing federal laws against it.

    I'll also write to the GA chapter of Norml telling them to do the same thing.
    The more pressure we can put on Chambliss and his cronies the better! :hello:
  7. After he said the stuff about the laws being consistent with what Obama said about not continuing raids, he was like "Uh, and I don'y remember the first question?" about Gitmo. Then a min. or so later he coughed, haha. I be he was burnin' one before he came out to that conference.
  8. this is some great news for MMJ! Now the DEA can actually spend their time getting rid of actual harmful drugs.
  9. This snowball is really starting to turn into an avalanche.
  10. I was watching that when it was on tv but I missed the good part and turned off my tv thinking it wasn't anything important but that is fucking awesome!!!!!!
  11. fucking sick....nothing but good news these past weeks:hello:
  12. Awesome awesome awesome awesome.
  13. Yeah, like the ones from pharmaceutical companies.
  14. :smoking: Good times are coming.
  15. Wow what amazing news! This is good for everyone! [​IMG]
  16. Between this and the announcement of the new California legalization bill that has been brought up I can easily say that this last week has been very important to the progress of reform!

    At this rate hopefully not only decriminilization will happen very soon but legalization and regulation coming very shortly after!

    My fingers are crossed and my hopes are high!
  17. and NJ's senate passing a MMJ bill which the governor has already said he'll sign once it passes the Assembly. :hello:
  18. That is fucking awesome! =D

    Baby steps. That's all we need. Now we need Texas to pass the bill for MMJ. Once that happens, I believe a lot of southern states will accept MMJ. Hopefully FL will come soon =]

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