DEA bust on Marijuana Candy factory (watch this video)

Discussion in 'General' started by Lithium, Mar 22, 2006.

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    March 17, 2006 — Federal drug enforcement agents in Northern California shut down an elaborate "marijuana candy" factory that produced drug-laced snacks called Rasta Reece's, Pot Tarts, and other parodies of popular products.

    Authorities raided five locations Thursday, arresting 12 people for allegedly running the criminal enterprise.

    Police say the group produced candy and soda that looked like popular treats but were laced with pot. Agents seized boxes of "treats" with names like Buddahfingers, Munchy Way, Rasta Reece's, Pot Tarts and Puff-a-Mint Pattie.

    Drug Enforcement Administration agents said the sophisticated operation, which called itself Beyond Bomb, cultivated thousands of plants in warehouses with factorylike precision. Employees in one location wore white doctors' gowns and punched time clocks when they came to work, said officials.

    One of the buildings that was raided in Oakland is associated with the Compassionate Caregivers Club, a medical marijuana dispensary, authorities said.

    Between 4,000 and 5,000 marijuana plants, $100,000 in cash, three weapons and hundreds of marijuana-laced candies and soft drinks were seized in the raids, according to the DEA.

    While the play on popular candy brands might bring on the giggles in some, drug agents said they could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

    ""This can be tragic. A young child or adult could eat one of these and drink one of the sodas," said the DEA's Javier Pena.

    - ABC News, March 17th
  2. I need to go to cali
  3. "this can be tragic" do some people really think that marijuana can kill?, i mean hell, we need to fucking do some marches and shit like you used to see over in some parts of Europe. If we do marches and are comitted to the cause we can raise awareness and dissipate these notions of our beautiful plant. This is really disturbing.
  4. hahaha what happen if the kid eats it?? oh wait...he'll go insane and try to rob a bank or something....hahaha how retarded......that hella i wont be able to gte my kief kat bars......damn you DEA!!!!!!!....and on my (and some others ) birthday! that sux =(
  5. This happened like 10 mins from my house.
  6. hahha that's crazy chill.
  7. there was a post about this like a week ago that only had pics. i wonder how they marketed that shit.
  8. Sir.TokeAlot please delete your post .. or the quote of the movie atleast.. its just makin it take 2x as long thanks (to load)
  9. Thats a lot of candy.
  10. On a different forum... a guy has a pic of some buds with a FAKE OUT Kit Kat bar... and he had a couple other ones too... wish i remember the persons name

  11. marijuana induced dyslexia? :smoking: :D

  13. omg, i cannot imagine how cool it would be to have a 24 pack of keef kats, take one to school in the morning as a snack lol..
  14. ive had the pot tarts from this place....they were bomb as hell and if u ate a whole box (6) u would be stone, eat two boxes and ud be really fuckin high, sucks they got shut down, i read about it in the paper like a month ago though.
  15. how much was it a box???
  16. Damn i want one of those candy bars they look so good.
  17. WOW. thats the future! But for now its Al Capone style.
  18. As my psychology teacher would say...

    rat bastards.

    "We are very concerned about this, even though it is none of our business and these friendly happy stoners arent bothering anyone." Fuck em.:mad:
  19. Eat a box of the pot tarts just to get stoned? I think they should've made them more potent. Maybe like a pot tart or two to get stoned.

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