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DEA & 1st Amendment

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bandit, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Since the CIA is the biggest drug dealers (in the opium trade) maybe the DEA should look into their own government for busts. As far as the bill of rights our forefathers died for, MR BUSH took away in the name of Homeland Security. Remember the government thinks anyone who does drugs supports terrorism. (the commercial ads in the super bowl) What a load of crap that is but that is the backass way of the U.S. Government. My suggestion is support NORML! HTTP://WWW.NORML.ORG Any money you cannot spend for your D.O.C. please send to support the only people defending our rights as Americans. Even if it is only $10 send what you can or buy any of their products.

    And this is just for the DEA on this 1st amedment protected site... BITE ME BITE ME BITE ME!!!!!! You will not stop all of us before we change the laws!!! You are the terrorist ALL AMERICANS should be worried about!

    Police are arresting nonviolent people (usually MJ smokers not big time dealers) and keeping them in jail while the president releases Child Molesters, Rapist, and Murderers.

    "When compassion and reason are in conflict with the law.... Change the Law!"

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