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  1. Has anyone used, should I think about using, an electric de-hydrator to cure my buds?
  2. haven't used one myself however the best way is the way god intended....if you speed up the process your smoke will end up try and can be speeded up to a certain degree, but why would you want to use one......Peace out....Sid
  3. stop, cease, disist!!! Just say no man!!! Don't use the dehydrator. I have used them before and they do work to some degree. They will dry your bud out very quickly. The problem is that the heat that a dehydrator produces kills THC. The bud loses its crystally look and based on my experience loses its potency. Traditional drying works the best, however another method I have used that does work is this. Now keep in mind that I had all this crap laying around. You can substitute certain things.

    This is a dehydrator of sorts without all the intense heat. Get 5 or 6 grape crates, banana crates, fruit crates in general. If you do not have any just go to your local grocer and ask the produce manager if they have any wooden fruit crates laying around. The bottom crate house a small fan. I used three small computer fans from the power supplies. Whatever works for you. Mount a light socket in the bottom of the crate. An old lamp works well for this. After that you line the upper crate bottoms with newspaper. Lay your weed in the crates and stack them on top of each other. Turn on the light and the fan , poke a few holes in the newspaper, and bingo, a home made, low heat, dehydrator. Use a 40 watt bulb and rotate the crates every few hours. The newspaper is not necasary but it does filter out the harmful light and it absorbs moisture in the crates. If your work boots or shoes ever get wet on the inside stuff them with newspaper. They dry quicker and smell better. (just thought I would put that little trivia in)

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