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De-Evolved Smoking Techniques

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Praetorian, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. #1 Praetorian, Aug 12, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
    Ok, I kinda feel retarded just posting this, but I can't seem to figure it out, so I'll ask others.

    I've been smoking for over a decade now, and apparently I've forgotten how to smoke. :bang:

    I seem to eat the smoke, rather than inhaling it. Unless I force myself to cough, I don't really get the smoke into my lungs, but mostly seem to swallow it. This gets me somewhat high, but often stomach-woozy.

    I know those are a clear failed smoke because when I force a coughing one, I'm in a full blown recognizable High. In short: without coughing, some of it seems to go into the gut.

    (I have NP getting the full effect in other ways, I just seem to be regressing in terms of smoking technique)

    Are there any proven techniques to get it into the lungs and not into the gut? Has anyone had experience with this gut-high before?

    Honestly curious
  2. I don't see how it could go into your stomach if you direct inhale?
  3. It's weird. It feels like it goes the way food goes, rather than the way air goes. Not 100% , but maybe a 60-40 split either way.
  4. Something's up with your epiglottis.
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  5. Had to look it up. Hmm, could be.

    Nothing else feels weird, like breathing or swallowing liquids or solids. It's just the smoke that goes down there, or @ least so it feels.
  6. Maybe the actual smoke is tripping it up, making it spasm. Worth a google, lol
  7. Just breathe in it's not hard. Breathe don't suck.
  8. Inhale through a straw. Now pretend that doobie, pipe, bong is a straw. If you still can't figure it out you should find a simpler hobby.....
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  9. I honestly don't believe you. If you can breathe, you can inhale smoke into your lungs.
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  10. Not sure what my big ploy here would be :p

    It's not so much that I can't get any into my lungs, but that it feels like a portion of it is going into the gut as well.
    The whole reason I'm inquiring, is because I've felt distinct queasiness after a couple of those smokes. Not in the lungs, but in the gut, like after some bad food.
  11. Maybe try other ways of consuming Cannabis, people forget you can use lotions, tinctures, eye drops, edibles. Have you ever seen the inhalers people use for asthma? You can get those and it's almost more potent than a dab IMP,no breathing needed, it shoots right into the back of your throat ;).
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  12. Yeah, I'm good on all the other stuff. Like said, no problems getting the job done in other ways. :smoke:
    I was just wondering why I seem to have started eating part of the smoke, or at the very least why my stomach acts like I am.
  13. There are a few people on here and other weed site talking about cannabis hypermesis syndrome. I personally think it's a load of bull. It is however very possible that some of the shit being put into growing weed could be causing this. Stuff like Eagle 20 and Phosphoload are more than likely the offenders. Some people say neem oil is the problem child. I grow my own. Organically. I don't have issues with feeling sick after smoking. Ever. I've been smoking for 40 years. Grow your own or try to get to know your grower. I have worked in the cannabis growing industry in California. I know that more growers use these products to increase profits than you would believe.
  14. Spot on. People are still using Eagle 20, people still getting sick. Was on s farm the other day with people using Avid, no protective gear, flowering buds. Nothing you can really do except avoid there stuff.


    Ahhh well then, good luck, hopefully you figure it out !
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  15. I think it's possible that I have this same exact problem, and it seems to have been getting worse for the past couple of years. Back when I first started smoking, I had absolutely no problem inhaling. But just around 2 years ago I started experiencing this problem where I have trouble inhaling. When I start out inhaling after lighting a bowl, everything seems normal, but then it's as if I can't "feel" the hit that I am taking. This happens especially if I start out smoking when I'm already very tired. I usually have a cup of coffee per day, but sometimes I drink more, like when I have to wake up early in the morning, and I can't get enough sleep. That same night I'm able to toke just fine, but the next day, if I drink the amount of coffee that I normally drink, then I end up feeling a little tired since my tolerance for caffeine went up. Then, if I toke, I can't seem to inhale properly, since when I feel tired, I also feel numb, so I can't "feel" the hit that I'm taking, and end up not inhaling it completely into my lungs. Normally, if I take a hit, it gives me a strong head high, but when I screw up the inhale, I don't get that strong head high and instead end up with a headache, and I can't think straight. When this happens, the next day I wake up feeling like total crap. One can only imagine how incredibly frustrating this is. I feel like part of the problem may be that I hit my bong on a desk while standing (I have to bend down considerably to hit the bong, which possibly restricts airflow to my lungs). What is the optimal position to stand or sit in to hit a bong, anyway? And what else could potentially be causing this problem?
  16. Just take smaller rips, hold it in your mouth, then take in a massive exhale of fresh air to shove it all down.

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