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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Tenany, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. So have any of you checked out DC universe? I been playing it for about a week and Im loving it. I got a hero with fire, bow, and flying lvl 15.

    If you havent checked it out i definately recommend it, SoE did an amazing job this time around.
  2. Guess noone has, oh well ill go play, smoke some weed, and be anti social.
  3. more into Rift right now
  4. i played. its deffinitly a cool game but i dont know how to do much yet . i had a lvl 8 and restarted. i havnt had much time to play but im going to this week. i play on the server no mans land. my name on there is "The Paragonian" my other was Paragonian but it was taken because i didnt delete my char before making a new =P
  5. i wanna play it soo bad but my computer isnt good enough :(
  6. Same for me lar.

    I've seen it at a buddies house but I havent updated my computer in about 4 years and haven't been big into pc gaming other than playing wow (I've quit). If there was a trial I could download to see how it would run (I meet min but barely) and it ran alright I would be all over this game.
  7. I've got it for Ps3.

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