DC gets "the first honest hydro store" !!!

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    Pot growers store opens in Washington, D.C. - Business - US business - msnbc.com

    :hello: Woot!:yay:

    I'd call it a step forward, although it'd be really shitty if DEA camped out right out front to get liscence plates on people going inside...:eek:

    Either that or it only sells to MMJ growers, although its only grow equipment, so I'd imagine they wouldn't actually require you to be a card holder, just probably they recommend it, of course that because if not, the Feds parked across the street will follow you to your grow site and bust your ass...
  2. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if the local cops would go raid the place on the bases of selling drug paraphernalia, or follow customers to the ops. A place like that can only work in a MMJ state. Is MMJ legal in DC? If so then they should be fine.
  3. wow, right in the belly of the beast

  4. Yeah it is, but they're one of the strict places, not like Cali, you have to actually be terminal or have some serious shit like MS and Parkinson's to get a card, so I doubt there's even that large of a base that are card holders...
  5. On the bill it said any chronic or debilitating pain that gets in the way of everyday life. So, if you have enough pain that makes your regular life miserable, you could get a card.

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