Dazing off in public

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hIGHtimessrf, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Hey just acouple days ago me and some friends boxed this kids car pretty gooood with some chronic afghan. after we drove to taco bell.as we were standing in line i noticed my friend looked pretty weird dazing off in a way. All of a sudden he drops his wallet....i said brady you dropped your wallet.....he didnt respond....starting to walk towards the counter he dropped the money in his hands dollar bills floating in the air as he drops to the ground. we thought he had fainted. he got up with a look on his face like he didnt know where the fuck he was. Getting up he trys to act like nothing happened(which made me laugh hard haha) then says dude im soo tired. All of taco bell was staring at him but yet knowone seemed to care haha. we get back to the table and he was normal again. my friend said "hey brady was it like you were just dazing off and all of a sudden you blacked out" eric says ya dude ive definetaly done that before ahaha
    and the whole table started laughing pretty hard
  2. haha reminds me of one of my friends, im talking to him one minute next thing i notice he is just zoned out looking into space and i have to say his name and he likes look at me like a lost kid than snaps out of it and is like "what did you say man?" haha gotta love it
  3. i have really low blood pressure and i've almost fainted and then not. when im really stoned i melt into the chair, and when i stand up suddenly everythig goes black and numb for a second. is that bad?
  4. umm im not a doctor
    but that sounds alittle out of the norm
    yahoo it
  5. Yeh, I do that shit all the time.

    What canyah do?:confused_2:

    Edit: I meant to quote Mr Music. Stupid posting area thingy wont let me cut/copy. but i can paste?

    Oh well.

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