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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudSmoking, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. I was trying to create a method of growing plants, I was taking my babies out during the day and bringing them in when darkness falls. a cross from indoor grow and outdoor grow. But this seems to not work for some reason! Question what supplies do I need to grow a nice harvest I know I would need lights but I don't have the money to get big expensive lights but I have flourescent lights every where in my house would these work fine.

    Please Help in desperate need.
  2. flouros should work fine.
  3. Thanks for your reply! but can you tell me the sizes that I need to get the optimum growth out of my little darlings. Because I have not even germinated them yet I am looking for more pots because I have atleast 15-20 seeds and I wanted to grow them in different pots.

    Thanks again for your reply.
  4. ok listen.. people alway wanna grow a lot of weed, but what u need to know is, when u grow a lot of weed, that means u need A LOTTTTTT of light.. and if u plan of growing 15 seeds, u need MEGGA floro tubes.. i suggest u grow like 3 or 4.. cause chances are u will have a male or 2.. and those are no good to grow. thats how u get seeds in weed.... when u use FLORO u have to get a high wattage tube/bulbs. 40w will work, also 20w floro.(home depot has this). the more Lumens the better.. Lumens make the plant grow.. and when u do this, u have to keep the lights very close to the plant.. like 2 or 3 inches from the top.. and leave them on 24/7 untill they get the size u want.. then u go into flowering stages.. where u use an HPS light 12 hours a day... 12 hours on, and 12 hours off, for about 6-7 weeks. if u need more help ask my man SID/aka Jolly Green.. haha
  5. BudSmoking,

    Dazed and confused is right: first you say you are leaving your plants outside during the day and bringing them in at night, in your second message you say that you have not germed yet. To get a specific recommendation you will have to provide more specific information, like what type of fluor's you have available or what budget you can afford.
  6. Bubblingcrude,

    I said that I was taking it in and out because a plant was giving to me by a freind and it is flowering right now, so thats why I said that I dont know the strain of this plant or nothing so I got some seeds my self and wanted to start on my own. So I am not all dazed and confused
  7. you will need 4 tubes per foot side by side. So for example if you have 8 bulbs and there 4' long you will have a 2'x4' area to grow under. Wich would be good for 2-3 plants. Put the floros a 1-2" above the plants hanging from chains. any less them 4 floros per foot and the plants will reach to much for the light and grow tall.
  8. Bud Smoking,

    Actually, I meant that I was dazed and confused, not you. You've gotten some good advice within this thread, have you decided how you're going to proceed?
  9. Yes I have gotten some really good advice from this one here. I am going with maybe 3-4 floru and only growing 2-3 plants. But I have been set back a major step MY WIFE THREW ALL MY SEEDS AWAY go figure. But I was still growing the plant that was giving to me by a freind and now it has grown to maybe a foot or so and it look like it's all males what should I do about this upset of a plant..

    Thank you all for your responses they were all valuable..

    AND REMEMBER TO PUFF PUFF GIVE.....being greedy is not cool.
  10. Hmm what to do... buy some chronic seeds and dont give up! ;)
  11. if ur flowering and the plant is a foot long. make sure its a male.. females will have white hairs comming from the corner nodes.. males will have ball sacks..
  12. I would flower it (the male) and make some hash oil :D
  13. put them on a timer 18 hrs on 6 off.
  14. keep the males away from the females.... or they will have little baby nuts/seeds
  15. I am real happy with all the responses I have received on this post. I have put the plants on 18/6 but they dont have any white hairs or any ball sacs so its probably still to early to tell the sex. thanks again.
  16. Hey guys question I found this brand new light bulb I dont know if this will work on my plants.


    1260 LUMENS

    90 WATTS


    would this be good to use on a 18on 6 off.

    if so how close should I put the plant remember it,s about a foot long.

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