Dayyamm guy gets knocked out baddd

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  1. There are some pretty primitive people out there.
  2. Especially there fighting style. He had that shoulder cocked back from second 1 did not punch until 17. HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT COMING!. I was just sitting there going to myself "He gonna right jab you any second now"
  3. At the beginning he should've grabbed the guys arm, then backed up.
  4. What a dumb-ass, shouldn't have messed with this guys car... instead should have collected the money from getting assaulted.

    this is also good
  5. Yeah...showed him for not moving his car.

    That guy though must not know when to just give up. So break his window? Wow.
  6. I laughed so hard when he broke the window lawl. What did he except was going to happen.
  7. that guy is a fucking asshole, and a shitty fighter
  8. Have no idea what happened, im high as fuck, if im right, the guy who wouldn't move his car got beat up, then his window smashed so he got out and knocked him out or something? so many people in the vid and im monging out

  9. I thought I heard about all the recent monkey escapes from the zoo... sucks to see they haven't caught them yet :/
  10. Why is it such a big deal that he didn't back up? Why did he break out the dudes window? So many questions...
  11. Guess some people don't know when to give up...
    10+ on 1 ... yeah let me show 'em, I'm going to break his BMW window
  12. Nigggas just beat his ass for not movin his car... so he thinks it's a good idea to go and smash one of their windows? Dumbass yo..

  13. lol sorry man and in your vid that guy might have died...
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    Here we observe the gorillas in their natural habitat...
  15. god damn that pisses me off. you don't treat people like that.
  16. And this is why I have a permit to carry a firearm.

    Tucked away in my big puffy jacket everywhere I go.

    The second the hit me, I would have shot him once in the rib cage, point blank and called it a night.

    Self defense.

    I was fearing for my life.

    My word over a bunch of crackhead ghetto trash that will never amount to anything. Probably mostly all felons or on probation.

    Pretty sure Id win that case within 5 minutes.

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