Days untill harvest, I have a few questions!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by evilgenius, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I am days away from harvest, and had a few questions! They have really started to smell, when they are dried and I smoke it, will this be the smell ? When I go into the room, and I brush up agains one of the plants, where ever I touched smells awsome and the air in the room is just amazing, I hope this is what the bud will smell like when I burn it!

    Second question, since I am days away from harvest, before I cut each branch off to turn it upside down to dry, should I trim all the leaves off it, like the fan leaves and the smaller ones actually withen the bud? Or should I just leave it and hang it up? will that little extra leaf cause the smoke to be leafy? Or shold I just go over the nug and prune it back a bit ?

    Also the leaves are starting to wilt, and they seem to be loosing the green and got a slight yellow tinge to them, is this normal? I no there are not getting nitrogen so this is what I am guessing it is from ?? What should the plant look like before harvest? Should it look nice and healthy or should it start dying off ?

    I am just waiting on the tricombs, they are a milky color, so I am just waiting on them to go amber. Also with the hairs, only 30-40% of them are brown, the rest are white, is this normal, I thought usually they all go brown ?

    This is my first grow, so I am just winging it. besides from what I have read I really know nothing about growing a plant, so this is why I have all these questions, I want to make sure i am doing things right!

    Thanks for all the advice, and your help!
  2. I hate to do this, but I still havnt harvested yet, still waiting for some of those hairs/pistols to brown up, they are still pretty white, well atleast 40% are a brownish color.

    Tricombs are starting to go milky, no amber yet.
  3. hey dude thats got to be pretty exciting. any chance you got some tasty pics we can drool on?
  4. I'm sure if you properly dry and cure them, they will turn out smelling and tasting great. I usually put them in paper sacks or hang them, until the stem snaps.
    I'm not sure but i think leaves turning yellow is normal at that stage.
  5. First, for the most part that will be the smell. It wont be as strong once dried and it wont smell as fresh and green, but itll smell similar. Second, I, and most people, trim their fan leaves and other larger leaves before hanging them up, it helps them dry quicker. Dont worry about the leaves turning yellow, its normal. You probably have at least another week left, so more of the hairs will amber, but that is somewhat strange that so many are still white.

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