Daylight Savings Not Changed + A Question

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by GumDispenser, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. I noticed today that the board time hasn't moved forward 1 hour. I know in my user settings I selected Eastern Time, which is where I am.

    On a side note :

    Reputation icons

    I saw in my CP that I had several reputation points with this icon [​IMG] (reputation_balance.gif)

    And I had one reputation point with this icon [​IMG] (reputation_pos.gif)

    - All the comments are nice things said except for one complaint.

    - The one complaint was this icon [​IMG]

    Am I to understand that this [​IMG] is a negative rep?

    Then why would people leaving nice comments give me a negative rep?

    If it is not, then what is [​IMG] for?

    Thank you
  2. I think green means is a positive rep from someone who is qualified to give that rep. The purple ones or w.e are positive rep, but form someone who isnt qualified to give "green rep" (thats what i call it)

    And red rep is a negative.

  3. I'm EST too and my time is perfect. There's a setting below that in your User CP where you choose to recognize DST. Maybe you didn't have that set to recognize DST.

    KSR gave you a link for the other part of your question.
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