Day Without Immigrants!

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 1, 2006.

  1. Many of you may be aware that nearly 7.2 million working immigrants will be walking out of work across american today to demonstrate.

    Though i am canadian and couldn't have less to do with this, i would like to express my support of the these people!

    viva día sin los inmigrantes!

    and cheers for standing up for yourselves!
  2. If you aren't a citizen, you shouldn't expect to be treated equally. That is NOT right. But we shouldn't be rude to them or anything like that. I'm just saying, we can hardly take care of America, why don't we take care of most of Mexico, or how about the whole world.

    Do you get what i'm saying? You cannot give the same rights and privileges to an alien of a country, as you can a citizen.

    EDIT: What are they demonstrating anyway?
  3. They are demonstrating to show the government that with out them the united states work force would fail the united states wants to deport all illegal immigrants back to there home country's so they are not working to show that if they deport all immigrants the united states will fall
  4. I think all immagrents need to learn english. They deserve to be here like anyone else. Everyone in america is an immagrent when you really get down to it.
  5. Im all for them getting the fuck out of America. They dont pay taxes or even speak english. Why should I pay more just because their country is TRASH. Then they come here and put mexican flags on everything and hang out at tiendas further seperating them from America. They dont even try to be American, they just take the benifits of being a citizen, not the downside.
  6. (none of this was thought out to wel) im tired of people thinking there is an attack on imigrants. key word is illegal.if i do something illegal, gues what, to prison with me, or at least a fine or community service. any illegal imigrants are given a free ride home. imigrants have the same abilities and rights under american law.....that is if they are legal, in which case they have nothing to worry about.

    next thing thats pissing me off is all the "latinos" taking advantage of their ethnicity. the majority are doing this because more racism exists among "latinos" than among whites.....i can testify to this using the area i live in. half the population is brown, the other half white, it just so happens im a blend of the 2. any time a brown individual is said to be doing something wrong, he just claims everyone else is racist and wont admit to any wrong doing.....i no im not doing the best job at explaining this, ask bill cosby for more info.
  7. We should all illegally sneak into mexico and just light shit on fire. Then we would just get deported back.
  8. Just another distraction from the mounting death-toll in Iraq if you ask me.

    All you see on CNN is "immigration nation".

    The U.S. has gotten itself into a situation that is nearly impossible to get out of.

    How do you plan on forcibly emmigrating 12 million people?

    (edit: i just like stirring up contreversy, can't you tell? :p )
  9. everyone loves stirring up anger.... so now here i go

    1. ok, so iraq wasnt such a great idea, but compared to other wars(basically any), the death toll is low.
    2. my plan for keeping out illegal is this....let those who are here stay. screen applicants for citizenship, making sure they will learn ingles and find a job that doesnt involve tending to crops. that simple.

    when illegals come in, they have nothing to offer. by working the jobs they do, they being taken advantage of and are creating new stereotypes. people say americans wont do the jobs they do.what does that say about americans?and why dont we just give those jobs to cons or teens looking for a summer job? theres always a workforce, we dont need these "sub-human" illegal immigrants.(thats what they are making themselves out to be)

  10. HAHA ur the best on this site to do so IMO

    but i think its great the illegal aliens are doing this, lol, i disagree with shipping them out, i think they should be allowed to stay on the basis of passing a 9th grade english course lol.
  11. you see i dont know about the rest of you but i think this day should be a fucking holiday...

    *edit*. its not the whole mexican thing that i hate. i have friends who are mexican. i just hate the fuckers who leech off of my hard working tax dollars and such. i hate illegal immigrants.
  12. uh....wasnt this country founded by immigrants?

    let me remind yall...."Mexicans" and Native Americans was here before the white man. :cool:
  13. maybe wykid but i firmly believe i had nothing to do with immigrating here. all i believe is that if you wanna live here you should be doing it legally and without putting a strain on the system.

    and while i know legality on a marijuanna forum is a laughable concept. i still think its wrong for them to do it. i understand that they want a better life. but they are paying 5 grand or more to have people smuggle them across the border or they are train hopping. and a lot of them die trying to do it. not only is it costly but its dangerous and also hurting the american system.

    if everybody is equal then why the hell should i have to pay taxes and not them....
  14. i hope they fucking walk right across the border, or they could do it lemming style. sweet.

    idk, maybe they are only taking the shit jobs...but when i go to order food i expect the greaseball fucker to at least understand the word double cheeseburger without having to point to the sign.
  15. i think that all these immigrants should either legally become citizens or get the fuck out.....if there is an existing avenue to become citizens and obtain rights, then what more do they want?......personally, i would love to see the government go out and round up all the illegals marching today and ship their asses out
  16. not all of them, but a lot of them have crooked SS #s, so they get jobs and PAY TAXES. a lot of them speak english. and most of them we need to keep our fruits and vegetables so cheap.

    im sure all of them would want to come here legally, but the problem is that you have to own some sort of land in mexico to be able to get a permit to stay here for a little while....most cannot even begin to thnk about owning their own they save up all of their money and pay to come here. and some do die trying.

    isnt that what america was built on? "Give me your hungry, poor" and so on??? what happend to that? "DEPORT ALL IMMIGRANTS" is a complete 360 on what america was founded on.

    ps: if you dont want to pay so much in taxes you should tell white people to stop getting welfare (recent studies show that more white people are on welfare than blacks). that would solve that problem.
  17. i think welfare should be abolished completely, but thats really not that big of a source of taxes.
  18. I think we all have the right to be here, but this means leagally. I do not think we should be aloud to walk accross the border or fly in and take advantage of the help we offer here in the states. That is just not fair. I mean a day w/o them is a thought but if they had a day w/o us they would have no jobby so it just depends on the way you think of it. If they were not here in America they would be in Mexico, and I here it is not the nicest place. Just remeber when you say well we will go back to our country and your country will fall. Well we were fine before the flooded the borders, and I am sure someone will do the work if they left. i do not say this to be a "GOHOME" dickhead but just a thought from another angle. Mexico is not the Ritz, and going back there is more of a threat to them than us. I am just saying that going back does not solve anything, they will just ahve to live in a worse enviroment, but if we can all work together and make it legit we can all prosper. America is big, and there is room enough for us all. And our buds:smoke: JOE>

  19. haha if it doesn't work that would be funny, because then us gov't will see we can do without them and they will most definatly be deported
  20. I have another solution.

    Why not just pump a couple of billion dollars into building up Mexico. Stabilize their

    economy. Industrialize it more.

    Common Sense tells me that if soo many illegal immigrants are coming over from

    Mexico every day than something is definately wrong with their country.

    Obviously there aren't enough jobs going around there.

    What if the script was flipped. America's economy has gone to shite. I'll be damned

    if i give a shite whether or not people are complaining that i've moved to their country

    illegally so that i can provide for my family. People, Humanity, Brotherhood comes


    Besides, the way Iran is looking we're gonna need another allie

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