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  1. Well Friday me and two buddies plan on taking some boomers around 330 and i have never tripped during the day only at night just wondering if there is anything that we MUST do we plan on going on a walk on the River Green Way which a trail through a forest and then going to a lake to watch the sunset i think it should be an amazing trip but like i said I've only tripped at night so is anything else you recommend i should do or pay attention to?
  2. Looks like you've just about got it covered. The coolest thing I ever did while day tripping was a full day of snowboarding. I had 4 hits of some of the cleanest acid I had ever experienced and added it to my morning coffee that day. Went snowboarding on 2 feet of fresh powder and it felt like I was floating on a cloud the entire time.

    Anything outdoors is a must. Swimming is really interesting while on a trip. Something about the weightless feeling adds a lot to the experience. Just enjoy nature. Day tripping is great for observing what's going on around you. Have a fun time! :)
  3. You added a chemical that begins to degrade at room temperature to a hot cup of coffee?
  4. hhaha
  5. ^ Talk about placebo effect.
  6. Placebo? Hardly. I tripped my face off. You don't see three dimensional, rainbow colored snowflakes standing two inches tall in the palms of your gloves on a placebo. :D

    The acid was dropped onto two sugar cubes. 2 hits per cube. I had a hearty breakfast of biscuits n gravy, eggs, bacon and hash browns. One cup of coffee (for the cubes) and a HUGE glass of orange juice.

    It was probably one of the best acid trips I've ever had. And I've tripped a lot.
  7. maybe it worked since combined with the sugar...???..
  8. No, that would have nothing to do with it.

    Some of the acid degraded when he put it in the coffee. There is absolutely no doubt about that. He was also on 4 hits worth, which explains why he still tripped.

    But just as a way of drug knowledge, it's usually not a good idea to let LSD come in contact with heat.
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    Day tripping is amazing 2 weekends ago I was fryin hard on some cid during the day. All I can say is bring water because when you're peaking and out in the hot sun you don't realize how hot your body is getting and how thirsty you are. Just take some drinks of water while you're out walking about even if you arent thirsty. I was having border line heat stroke last time I tripped on cid in the sun. Was like 97 out though and we were outside walking around for atleast 3 hours with no water. was an AMAZING trip but a stupid idea.

    Cheers! Oh and just look at the ground, the canopy of the forest and watch the water flow. :)

    oh and dose before you leave your house. From the freezer to the trip is how I do. Don't want to expose it to any heat. Don't handle it a lot

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