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  1. Hows it goin' guys. Now that im finally rested enough to focus. i figured it would be a good time to type up a Trip Report. Thanks for reading and hopefully it blows your mind... I missed alot in the process of recollecting this so look for other reports from the group. THANKS!!

    Alright here we go. We recieved our tabs about 3 weeks ago from our source. there were 10 in total in which we used half the first time we tripped. Reports have alread been posted for that by GrapeALICIOUS. Anyways, Friday finally came. I hadn't gone to school all week prior due to complications with a busing company. J, A, and M (my friends that i dropped with) all attended school and so i hear eagerly rushed about there day. Not having to attend school gave me a chance to work mostly all week to scrap up money for cigerettes and some of the tastiest nugget i have ever smoked. :D

    The Day continues as normal, and the long awaited clock strikes 2pm! I finish cleaning my grandparents yard and recieved payment. I took my money and walked to a deli to purchase cigs and dutches. On my walk back, i passed J on the road who stopped and picked me up.

    *(One thing i noticed and continue to due in the days before dropping Acid is partake in a sort of enlightenment or meditation. In my opinion it helps you keep an open mind and clear head.In short it aided my acid trip and gave me smooth sailing.)*

    We Arrived at J's house and waited patiently for A and M to get there. A arrived before M, so we made a plan to drop them together and Tell M to at the same time. (this way we would all be coming up when mike arrived)The documented time i remember dropping them would be at about 3 20pm. M arrived at J's house about 25 minutes later which worked out, because everyone was begining to feel very strange.

    We decided to head outside to smoke stoags, and talk before Venturing into the woods. One thing i remember very clearly is how AMAZING the snow looked before we actually had visuals. I knew i was in an EXCELLENT enviorment and things were going to go well.

    I noticed how fast my cigerette seemed to be burning, or how Newportss suddenly had the same effect as a light ciggerette. THE ACID WAS STARTING TO KICK IN!

    Right Before leaving the Garage at J's house, the time read 4 15. (remember.. in the area we were trippin it get dark around 5 30 - 6pm.)

    i noticed while i was coming up that my body had felt very strange. i had tripped on the same blotter about 1 week prior. I had felt extreme EUPHORIA that time but now it was more awakwardness. I figured it wasn't best to dwell on things, so i continued walking and thought it would straighten itself out. Little did i know those strange feelings would come back and hit me 10 fold later on in the night.

    As we walked through the woods, i remember commenting several times on the beauty of nature. There was a lgiht powdery layer of snow on the ground, so everything was clear and visible. As we walked, A commented on an Area of pine trees off to the left, and explained that he was recieving very bad vibes just from looking off into the darkness and unknown. The rest of us agreed that we walk further on and find something not so evil like.

    J and B spot a new opening off the trail about 5 more minutes down the trail. we agree to venture off the beaten trail and find ourself next to a small river. We all sat and began smoking and enjoying the peaceful and euphoric sounds of nature.

    Directly behind me stood a small dam that i guess a creature had built. underneath you could see a rippling layer of ice that ran atop the water. the clicks and clanks that the water made running underneath was enough to make anyone question their own sanity haha. I proceeded to put some Animal Collective on as we gathered our things and hurried on our adventure.

    Note- J and myself had played in these same trails all our life, so we knew several secret spots and strange secrets about the woods. :D

    On our walk further into the bush, we came across many unfamiliar animal tracks which was sort of cool. Kinda scary though ha. At one point, i proceeded to climb a very thick vvine, which was very fun until i was reminded by A that it was Poison Oak! Thank god for GLOVES! haha

    We stopped several other times over the next hour to glance at the river, patterns in tree bark, and ice fornations all around us! At this time it was about 5 30 pm.

    I began to get very cold, so we all decided to pitch in and make a nice fire to stay warm. A came up with the neat idea(and i would suggest to anyone who is taking a day trip in the woods) of making a scenario for us. He decided to begin it as our plane crashed in the Alaskan Tundra and if we didn't get a fire blazing we would die!. Now were all freakin the fuck out. No one was very good with fires, but believe me we got that bitch started in about 30 seconds haha. we all sat for about 2 hours and as usual rambled on about ssenseless bullshit haha.

    Since everyones sanity seemed to be slipping more and more as time passed, i through out the idea about search for a bag of sensi. We called several people and finally reached a good source with delicious looking nug. everyone was very excited to smoke a fat ass blunt ha.

    We put the fire out and headed back to j's house. My visuals hadn't real;y started until we had started to walk home. it was very dark now, and i would normally have been scared, but tonight was very different. I felt at one with nature and im sure everyone else in my party did too. Trees seemed to sway and bend around me almost in embrace. the snow looked very magical and was also very nice to walk on. it's not too clear what everyone else saw on the walk but im sure it's just as cool!.

    We Arrived at jasons around 730pm. We sat his garage for several hours waiting for a bag and a blunt. It Seemed as time didn't exist, or atleast it had stopped, cuz the hours were moving by very slowly.

    One Highlight of my trip that i must recollect was the patterns on the plywood used to make the walls in the garage. there were many swirls and dark knots throughout each piece and they all seemed to revolve and convulse around one another. it was fucking sick to look at and get lost in. Everyone was having a good time and talking and enjoying themselves until my sister enteredthe garage. It didn't matter if she knew we were trippin,but there was something strange going on that began to turn my trip bad. it was bad enough that J had 4 eyes the whole entire trip, but the shit i seeing in my sisters face and hood will never be forgotten. She seemed to be on something, which made it much worse. Her hood was lined with puffy fur, which was kinda frightning, and her eyes looked very chinese for some reason. ii was histeracally laughing for good 5min until she got the idea to leave. The rest of my trip took place in the garage of j's house, but i am very unclear on most events that took place. Im sure the rest of the crew will post Reports to catch anything that i missed.

    Im sorry guys if i was rambling on for the most part, but this is very hard to recall or relive. I hope it peeked your interest and i hope you enjoyed it

  2. Remember to give me some feedback guys! This is my first post! Thanks again and Happy Triipiin!:):):) Im very anxious to see what you have to say!
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