day time thizzin! omg!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. well ive liked rollin for awhile but only did it a few times untill a few weeks ago. i got a new hook for X thats worth a damn wich is rare here so ive been playin with thizzles more often and really exploring the drug. we do e hugs and lights and slammin techno and all that shit at night but i just poped a red xxx and its a beautiful 70 degree day, slight breeze, no clouds and sunny and im listenin to my car sterio at my lunchtime from work spot in some fields. walkin thru the weeds... insane. ok E rant over. oh yeah im on my blackjack, thats how im posting in the middle of a field. daaaammnn i love this drug. thizz is love. peace.
  2. Awww my lil thizz kid, keep rollin bro. I got 3 Red Naked Ladies last night at that football game. They are locked away for an "emergency" haha.
  3. DAMMMMMMMIIIIITTTT!!!! i got what i deserve i guess. now my fuckin armani and versaci goin out klubbin threads are full of grass stains and damn mud! oh well fuckit eh? oh and smoke go on msn in like half hr and talk wit me for a min.
  4. ahhh biscuit number 2 down the hatch. this is a good day at work.
  5. LOl thizzin at work, lucky bastard im a table buser so i cant. Where you work and what do you do?
  6. Haha yehh, I hate jobs like that. Back in the day, My pops lived in Cali. He was a waiter at a restuarant, and waited on the mayor or some shit, while he had a head full of acid...
  7. fuck ya man

    i went to a rave last night

    saw some awesome dj's, even got one of there numbers to go get fucked up with them and play around on the turntables one day.

    e is awesome lol

    i had 2 white spades and a red rolex last rolex was dopy as fuck though,way to much meth for me lol
  8. I Want to candyflip soon, johnny you got any advice?

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