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Day or Night?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pichipipe, May 9, 2011.

  1. you know i was wondering if it was just me but for sum reason i seem to feel the effect of weed more at night than i do during day time? what do you guys think about that?
  2. I don't notice a difference.
  3. I love toking it up before bed. Makes for a great, relaxing sleep.
  4. That's just not true, if you use the same amount of weed you'll feel the exact same no matter what time it is.
  5. Wake and bake :yay:
  6. i think it can be true. tolerance and shit.. if i smoke at night the night before and then toke in the morning, i wont get as high as i would have if i waited all day to smoke before bed
  7. If u smoke at night u probably feel tired and therefore more high
  8. Smoking during the day makes me sluggish and the day just drags on, I personally love smoking at night
  9. yea i would prefer at night. the sun is out during the day time so there is always light. at night there are noticable lights and would have me trippin sumtimes lol
  10. night time is like a whole nother adventure...ill toke sometimes during the day time if its going to be with my friends or if im off the rest of the day..
  11. yea i really cant tell either
  12. [ame][/ame]
  13. Actually mindset affects the high greatly. Different times of day feel different and usually alter my mental state and subsequently alter how the cannabis will affect me.
  14. I love smoking at night...posted up somewhere in my chevy with tints listening too music chilling with chicks...i love life...blazed
  15. i gotta say that first toke in the morning affects me the greatest.... the nightly toke is a necessity as well however... really the true pothead experience is smoking one in the morning.. like lighting up as you roll over in bed.. and then one at lunch, and then at dinner, and then one before bed..
    do that for a few months, and your a pothead.. is that a good thing? nah... but that's the real pot experience... maybe not the best life experience....
  16. My favorite time of day is the time when it goes from being completely dark outside to being really light blue in the morning, early mornings. I like the smoke in the mornings too outside.
  17. I don't like smoking in the morning, unless it's a sunday and I plan on sleeping all day.

    Toking up just makes me sleepy and tired as fuck, no matter what strand.

    Night smokers unite!
  18. My favorite time to smoke is when it is about to get dark and the sky is orange, purple and other colors. It makes me really think about how beautiful earth can be
  19. Like cudi, love tokin day n' night :smoke:
  20. i like both, tbh. daytime because i feel like the happiest motherfucker in the supermarket when i go grocery shopping. everyones all depressed checking their shopping lists and i'm riding the cart like a scooter. :D
    i like to smoke in the evening because theres less people. everyones minding their own business. in the day time, everyones all "good morning, how are you?" . . . "high." :smoke:

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