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  1. So, i don't really have a reason for this, but i've decided to stay up for as long as i possibly can without falling asleep. Not gonna be sober the whole time, but not gonna be high the whole time either, just gonna act normally, do everything the same, except without sleep :rolleyes: Who knows, maybe something interesting will happen, i've heard that some people hallucinate when they stay up for too long..well, i'll keep you guys posted!:D
  2. lol good luck.
  3. Why? There's a (very fucking good) reason why people sleep, you realise.
  4. Let us know how long you make it.

    I've definitely seen shit from staying up too many days in a row.
  5. meh, drug induced sleep deprivation is definitely more effective.
  6. This can be very dangerous, leading to a pass out at the wrong time.
  7. I used to do that when I was 12 or so. Especially in the summer, when I had no school, didn't have to work yet, and had nothing to do.

    I stayed up a little past 55 hours one time. I don't remember too much accept getting comfy in a recliner to watch a movie and the next thing I know, I'm waking up in my bed and wondering how I got there.
  8. Have fun with it, unless you make it past day 3 you probably won't see too much.
  9. My sophomore year of high school i was pulling off like 20 hours of sleep or less per week. (too much school work and sports)
    I began seeing and hearing things until i just started passing out after about 4 months of this. I apparently was almost hospitalized because i had contracted mono, pnuemonia, and a staph infection and almost died? They said if i had gone on not sleeping for another week i would have had to go to the hospital if not being like dead.

    Moral of the story, sleep is good.

    But have fun with it, you need to stay up at least like 2 or 3 days before u start halucinating.
    My main thing that i had going on was like minor vertigo, things were kinda slower, and like moving walls/tilted rooms that kinda shit.
  10. lmfao, so, i made it through the first night! ended up making a really cool pipe, and finding a little bit of weed left over in my grinder, and a bit of loose weed in my case, and some in my pocket, and some in my stash can, i ended up finding like three bowls worth :) got REALLY stoned, too, since i also smoked the crystals from my grinder, and it's my first time smoking in like, since sunday, lol
  11. yea i did this, but only lasted 2 days without sleep....i did not hallucinate but i did get extremely psychotic thoughts....about murder and rape....ummm yea,,,im a pretty sick girl but cut me some slack; i needed sleep.... hehe :eek:

  12. A very bad idea. It places enormous stress on your system and can cause irreversible organ and, in late stages, brain damage. The hallucinations are NOT at all pleasant; think the worst possible acid trip you can possibly imagine. Once one is at the point where hallucinations start, death is not far off and barring that permanent neurological damage can result.

    Please don't. Not unless you're itching for a Darwin Award.
  13. dont do it, i use to work a bit of shift work and i finished up a Night shift(11pm-7am) and had an off day starting that morning. went home and didnt go to sleep, i can honestly say that 48hrs of no sleep was the reason my car ended up in a corn field, good thing it wasnt something solid or hard or had people in it
  14. plus i see you're low on weed? if i was going to spend a whole night awake just hanging want to have a fat surplus of weed to be smoking on
  15. i'll tell ya a story, i thinik i was bout 13. and i was probably up for about 30 some hrs. and when i was gettin taken home i saw a bunch of deer crossing the road. turns out they werent there.
  16. This is dangerous and no fun, wouldn't recommend you continue.
  17. I've had chronic insomnia since my late teens, and it got real bad my freshman year of college. I was up for almost 8 days before my roommates dragged me to the hospital. I couldn't eat, couldn't walk, couldn't stand long enough to brush my teeth/shower, couldn't go to classes and I was having absolutely terrifying hallucinations. I was seeing severed, bloody heads in my closet, seeing people walking around my room that I knew had died several years earlier, and the worst was seeing worms coming out of my chest.

    It's not a good idea, and definitely not fun in the least. Once you finally crash you'll wake up still feeling like shit because even the act of sleeping after being up that long puts incredible stress on your brain and body.
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    Sleep deprivation causes brain damage.

    There is a very good reason why humans spend a large fraction of our existence almost completley unconcious.
  19. this pretty much sums up my thoughts about this idea.

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