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Day off.......wohooooo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, May 31, 2004.

  1. Well i'm off today, and well and truely baked allready have been on a wake and bake all moring.........

    Roor in one hand, 1/2oz of hash in the other, bottle of Irn-Bru, my asthma inhaler, as i'm gonna choke on this next munchies, a few ice cold beers in the fridge, and the Beverley hills cop trilogy to watch...........and going to see the prisoner of azchaban tonight........

    i'm LOVING my day off so far, and it looks like it's only gonna get better...........what's everyone else upto today?, or for my America/Canadian friends just getting out of bed, what are your plans today?...........and for critter, what have you done today? that was too complex, i can't possibly try to include everyones

    Peace out.............Sid
  2. thanks for reminding me just how bad work sucks!! nah j/k its all good, you deserve a good day off! youve got a great start!! enjoy it!! Im running late though, I wish I could stay and chat! ill catch you on the flip :D
  3. hey cool I have a day off as well :), I just smoked a fatty amd im sitting back watching full metal jacket :), and my buddy has a day off too but his ass aint getting out of bed until at least 1:30 ish its like 10:35 right now :)
  4. I'm sittin here at work, on my B-day of all days :( But after I get out, I'm rollin about 7 joints, and driving up north to our cottage. Gonna be fun up there... :smoke: Hope everyone stays blazed, lol.. :smoking:
  5. ^^ thats cool, gunna burn a half quarter are we?, lol me and my buddies did that not to long ago in like 6 hours :), crazy fun

  6. I put a gram in my joints ;)
  7. ur gunna burn a quarter then are we?, lol
  8. I could have had the day off with it being Memorial Day but they're offering insane pay to be there today so I'm going in to collect on that insanity. :D

    Everyone else have a great day off!!!!
  9. lol me too. who can pass up double time and a half? not I! instead I took last Sat off. first time I saw hubby all month so I pretty much stayed high and in bed all day! Happy Monday everybody! :)

  10. Lol.... Thats what I'm talkin about.. I'm only getting time and a half though... :smoking:

  11. what kind of shit u working, and where do u work that ur on the net?, I work at a computer shop so its easy for me :)
  12. Hope everyone is enjoying this fine day (atleast it's nice out here, heh heh). I have a nice half and a couple of blunts waiting for me this afternoon. Gotta finish some work first, though, which is a bummer. It's the price I pay for being :p

    I'm outta here for now, enjoy! Aloha.

  13. I work in security industry.. I answer, or make about 3 calls an hour, for 8 hours.. So theres plenty of time for me to mess around on the internet, or even hit golf balls in the warehouse :D :D

  14. Damn wish I had that job. I just spent 8 hours winding yarn for carpets, and I don't even get extra pay today.
  15. Well I cant enjoy my Monday cuz Im sick :/ I was supposed to go to a bbq today (which I was gonna smoke before) but I feel so shitty I decideded I cant. So Im just sittin here about to smoke a J missing the Awesome munchies Im missing at this very moment :(

    I know sum of your are probably saying "If you smoked before you would feel good at the bbq, but when I smoke with a cold I do feel better but I gotta just chil today cuz I have class AND work later tomarrow and I cant miss either, so I have to kinda recooporate today"

    Wow thats a ridiculasy long explanation :) lol I talk alot when Im baked
  16. Yeah dude. Feel better.

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