Day of Defeat: Source anyone?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by thekeeftheif, May 24, 2010.

  1. Anyone play this here? I use to waste hours playing this game competitively... but lately I've had a lot of fun just playing for fun (though I still frag hard :D).
  2. i got it with CS:S and tried it once but i really didnt like it. now i just stick with counter strike and halo on my PC.
  3. Do alot of people still play DOD:S? I remember playing it when steam had a free trial period.. pretty fun.
  4. Ive been playing it a lot lately, although I am much better at counter-strike. My steam name is SeanyCash if you want to play. I don't use a mic though
  5. lol yea i used to game super thick on DODs and sometimes some CS action..but DOD was where it was at.. i still play from time to time, hit me up _kratos_1 steam name if u wanna play a round or two
  6. I bounce back & forth with CSS. I'll play hard then don't play for a couple months.

    I actually stopped playing it a couple months ago; my computer is broken right now; but once i have it fixed i'll be probably playing it again. I played deathmatch gungame. regular matches & all that other shit don't do it for me anymore. Not unless it's like; with a bunch of friends or a group of people like how it used to be when cyber cafe's were hot.
  7. Hell yeah! I've been playing the shit out of DOD lately.

    My ID is SmoothCriminal, shocker, I know.

    Send me a request and we'll tear shit up.
  8. I use to play but now that games like black ops are out its hard going back to those graphics. I used to be able to get high and imagine myself on ww2 battlefields while playing but the graphics are just to bad now..
  9. fyi DoD:S probably has better graphics than any game from the CoD series... they just crap a new one of those out every year because that's how the console market works.
  10. lol you didnt just say the source engine is better graphically than the latest cod engine did you? Come on man thats crazy. Have you seen black ops on max settings on pc? not even close. Even the console versions are leaps ahead.
  11. gameplay > graphics
  12. Ya no ones challenging that but he said DOD:S graphics > Black Ops Graphics. No fuckin way and i loved DOD.

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