day in day out.....a poem

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  1. brigh<WBR>t light<WBR>s and loud noise<WBR>s
    my eyes open half way
    head aches<WBR> and stoma<WBR>ch pains<WBR>
    and now i smell<WBR> like flowe<WBR>rss
    i kinda<WBR> hope it rains<WBR>..
    she walks<WBR> in and i get my pay
    and now im poise<WBR>d
    just sitti<WBR>n and waiti<WBR>n
    i wish i kud be playi<WBR>n and paint<WBR>in
    i feel rigid<WBR> and stiff<WBR>
    low and i got no flow

    i wish i kud get sum lift
    maybe<WBR> sit back and play a riff

    rack rack the eveni<WBR>ng begin<WBR>s
    we got ragin<WBR>g heart<WBR>s pumpi<WBR>ng throu<WBR>gh all of our body parts<WBR>
    makin<WBR>g those<WBR> memor<WBR>ies
    throu<WBR>gh parti<WBR>es and panti<WBR>es

    i caugh<WBR>t that lift
    and now ive reali<WBR>zed its 2oclock
    the cops are raidi<WBR>ng as we flock
    we run kuse its fun

    nowhe<WBR>re.<WBR>.<WBR>thats<WBR> where<WBR> we are
    how do we get back to sumwh<WBR>ere
    calls<WBR> and drunk<WBR>en falls<WBR>

    here comes<WBR> the blue cadil<WBR>lac
    stoke<WBR>d to pick us up
    we act nice n coked<WBR> up

    we say thank<WBR>s and fall out the door
    we start<WBR> walki<WBR>n and the floor<WBR> start<WBR>s talki<WBR>n
    it moves<WBR> and waves
    it melts<WBR> like the faces<WBR> ive seen the past three days

    in throu<WBR>gh the windo<WBR>w cause<WBR> the door is locke<WBR>d
    i throw<WBR> every<WBR>thing<WBR> on the floor<WBR> and thats<WBR> where<WBR> its docke<WBR>d
    ninet<WBR>y minut<WBR>es later<WBR> and i feel rocke<WBR>d
    falli<WBR>ng onto the bed i sleep<WBR> in
    i hope the same thing<WBR>s are waiti<WBR>n tomor<WBR>ow
    but where<WBR> will i get the money<WBR> i have alrea<WBR>dy borro<WBR>wed.<WBR>....

    it miht not makes ense because some words u might not kno wat they mean but i like itt
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