Day glow wauduuuuu

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  1. 28th Miami and many oter places, anyone going? I'm doing miani
  2. Atlantic City tomorrow
  3. Go! Naked chicks covered in paint :) what else do I need to say
  4. What is this lol sounds fun
  5. See above post :p
  6. What kind of music they play at day glow? I might go this year
  7. So its like a big concert with boobs :) sounds fun lol its called after glow?
  8. Srry meant day glow
  9. Wonder if it'll be in Texas
  10. It was alright!

    Lots of funny shit happened inside the place, the venue was massive. Overall it was a fucking good day, the only problem was the amount of kids that were in that place. Benny benassi had a good set, the energy was crazy.

    If i were in the country then EDC is defiantly my number one choice.
  11. Ill be at edc vegas :)
  12. Fuck man, all my friends are going but vegas is way too far. I wish..
  13. i hope Day Glow comes back to DC or Baltimore, everything scheduled (currently) is way too far and expensive for me. :(
  14. From where? You can get a ticket to vegas from basically anywhre in the us for 250
  15. We are international student. Three of my friends are coming from London. I'm in the US, the tickets aren't really expensive but the whole trip will cost a fuck load since I live on the eastcoast.
  16. If you get a group together you can can cheep hotel packages but I hear you mang

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