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  1. Come on, ever since we were a kid,...lying in a bed, not wanting to get out, in a shower, train ride, math class, english litrature class, even the shit-hole. Everyone has daydreamed. Best day dreams are the ones where you stop day dreaming, and still think whatever u dreamet about is real.
    Let is be world peace, you being the richest man in the world, your private jet, hot chick's, getting an A on that test...whatever it be, you do it for a reason...a reason which is not stimualted by the drugs u choose to take, but your own free imagination.
    George carlin said that if all children had day dreaming class for an hour a day rather then memorising capitals of states and countires, the world would be so much a better place. children, probably the most creative and imaginate, but deffinatly the most innocent humans would be able to come up with solutions that us adults would not ourselvves.
    You may think BULLSHIT...but gladiator...only reason maximus has to take "rome to its former glory" is cuz of his innocence when it comes to politcs, how he is able to whisper "rome" with the dying king.
    I have day dreamt about being a politician, secetary general of the united nations, and actaully making changes.
    When we say, strive your your aims, i think we actally mean strive for the things that you dream about. and as to dream we dont mean the ones that night, but the ones we dream while we are all on our thrones...the shit-hole.
    If we dont dream, we dont have an aim, no goal, and like the great boxer ali said, he without an immagination has no wings.
    As kids we were told not to day dream, and pay attention. I think we should pay more attention to our dreams...
    let me know what ya'll think...
    -azadi (freedom in hindi)
  2. so true, but I daydream about pot at school, always, whether it be about having pounds, or smoking some primo buds in the middle of class. So, should I strive for that to happen?
  3. I think the daydream is one of the blessings of the human mind. I think James Thurber had a thought along the same lines when he wrote "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".

    The film version of that is rather fun to watch when you're high. Danny Kaye was a rather talented bastard.

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