day 9 pics of clones

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  1. these are my clones, just thought some people would like to look and give me pointers or somethin, this method is from dierwolf, theres holes in the saran which you cant see. there yellowing, means rooting.
  2. Not familiar with the method you are using, but why do you keep the seran wrap on after they sprouted, even if it does has holes in it? I know it is common to cover the pot with plastic during germination to hold in the moisture, but I would think you would want the plant and soil to breath all it can after they have sprouted. I'm not saying it's wrong, just never heard of it. I would be curious to hear what it's all about.:confused:
  3. ^^
    It's cause he's not germinating. He's cloning. During cloning they Foliage feed.

    Those plants are rooting
  4. I understood that he is "not" germinating. I have not tried to clone (yet) so I was asking the question to learn something... Was not a crticism. I thought I made that clear.
  5. i have plastic saran over 'with holes' because it provides higher humidity, probably around 80. clones just cut need high humidity to develop roots.
  6. are you using any rooting jell? my clone leaves never ever turn yellow and always stand straight upwards.
    Yes yellowing of the one main large fanleaf you leave on is a good sign but not when all the leafs are turning yellow.

    Also your saran rap is right on top of the plants this means the heat is right at the cuttings which is not good, you need a higher / taller container such as fishtank.

    PS that is in no way my method, at least not what you have there.
  7. If you have holes in the wrap the moisture is gone. Keep the humidity always high by keeping it sealed and evry once or twice a day give them alittle fresh air by blowing on them, then re sealing the unit. Clones tend to wilt when they arent in high humid, and yes do something about the plants touching the saran wrap, if it is hot, it will irritate them. It is normal for leaves to yellow while cloning, but this looks severe!
  8. Without holes with the lamp right above temperatures get to high, this is why the holes are there.

    Yes his does not look very healthy at all.

    Again, my method.

    1x 10 gallon fish tank $25 bucks (in the carribean so about 1/2 that in the US)
    Saran wrap with small holes
    1x 20 watt flourescent siting right on top of the saran wrap
    Clear Dixie cups (shot size)
    moisture retentive potting soil
    Clonex Rooting Jell.

    I dont open the container at all!, not for watering, not for misting, when i open it 7-9 days later
    roots are out of the bottom holes and cuttings never lean over or droop, once in a while i may get one
    yellow leaf but even thats rare.
  9. well thanks for the late info dier, on a different post all u said was airtight container on all sides and saran on top, but, there all rooting im sure, and yes i use rooting gel, there in peat pellets with 50/50 pelite vermiculite. Ye i dont know why they turn so yellow, this has been my setup since day 1.
  10. i had always thought yellowing was a good sign of rooting, taking energy from foliage for root growth, will these plants survive or what? they don't have any roots out the bottom yet, but all the stems are snug in the pellets, ill wait another few days just incase they pull through, ill take the saran off for awhile c how they do.
  11. i checked 1 and its rooted! will they work or no? they seem to be getting more yellow over a day, should i trim the yellow leaves off and leave the main leaf stock in the middle?
  12. does ne 1 kno? should i move them outside now?

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