Day 9 of flower.

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  1. Well i know i wont yield alot but flowering stage is the most exciting.



  2. Beautiful =]
  3. Boy your stubborn.. at least give the buds a fighting chance and put the damn thing in a bigger pot.
  4. ok DW..just for you..haha..will a bigger pot help the finishing time?
  5. bigger pot = bigger roots = bigger plant = bigger buds = more marijuana to smoke
  6. No it will not help the finishing time, keep them in that crap thing you have there and they will finish really soon coz of lack of nutrients and being rootbound.

    And dont just place it inside of another pot, when you put it in the new pot peal away the sides of the pot so that when you fill your new pot with soil you have soil touching soil.
  7. done and done..But like i thought. It wasn't close to root bound nor did i even see a root ball. but now she is in a 5 gal bucket. looks very small in it, hopefully she takes to it.
  8. pffft NVM

    I thought you repotted a long time ago?
  9. Wow that looks really good what type of weed u got growing there?
  10. pffft it told me it didnt need it.blow
  11. LOL

    You will be surprised at the growth spurt from putting it in a 5 gallon container.

    Post some pics in a couple days and it won't look like the same plant.
  12. I dont understand how it could grow anyfaster if it hasn't even outgrown the one it was in to start..

    but i hope ur right nexxus..
  13. I would tell you to ask dier, but you wouldn't believe him either obviously.
  14. Rolla from the time we have met you have only had Runts, and its not the seeds thats doing it....something you are doing or the soil you are using is causing this.

    Never in my lifetime have i seed anything like what is happening to you, let alone 2 times in a row.

    For a plant that size in what you had it in if you cant see roots on the side something is most definately wrong someplace and i can tell you its not the seed, impossible and soem extremely high odds it would happen again on the very next grow.

    Whatever soil your using i would not suggest it to ANYONE, and i would tell that horticulture dude to take a hike on your next go around, maybe he specializes in soil for bonzi trees coz thats all your getting.
  15. Yes it really sucks, cuz ive read alot about how to grow, and tried to do everything by the "book". But the dirt is from outside, and potting soil is just regular with no nutes. Water is set out 24 hours everytime i water this grow. This is the last grow i do EVER..ahah..

    We will see if she grows any more or not. I thought the plant was supposed to double when flowered?

  16. you can set the water out for a week, if its hard water it will remain hard water.
  17. that must be the answer to this phanomenon. store bought water from now on.
  18. PS stop doing everything by the BOOK.

    Its a soil grow, put the damn thing in and water it and leave it alone.

    Hell i put that one extra clone i had no space for outside in some WHITE SAND like the beach thats on the side of the house and that plant is already 12 inches high without me even touching it or watering it. and trust me it hasnt rained here in 2 weeks.

    Keep it simple and Stupid, going overboard and to much TLC will kill your plant and or stunt it.

    only tlc it needs is good light, good soil, watering it when it needs it and repotting it when its needed.
  19. And here it is LOL...

    never watered, never looked at just say hi to it as i pass every day and notice more chunks of leaves eaten out and i know its the huge african snails doing it (escargo).

    Went out to take a picture and sure enough theres the plant bent over by the huge african snail eating off an entire leaf... this been going on now for 3 week and its still alive... Just look at the soil!!! its worthless soil that only a weeds can grow in...

    Whats wrong rolla???





    I mean comeon, conditions cant get any worse than this, but yet it grows.
  20. lol thats hilarious..I dont know what the F#@( is wrong. im not trying to do it this way...the SHIT JUST DONT GROW here..haha maybe its the water, but who knows..

    ps. HOW the hell does the snail get up 7 inches

    that mothaf@#*r got the munchies..

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