Day 9 in Veg and it's smelly?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Makizushi, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. So I'm in day 9 of veg and when I opened my closet I think I caught a wiff of weed smell in there. Is this possible? Just wanting to make sure.
  2. Beauty is skin deep; but stink is to the bone.

  3. Chinese proverbs? :confused:
  4. Hell yea man!! i had a plant that was like a week old, i oped my grow closet and DAMNN i was like wtf??? Through my exp. i have found out that the females are the ones who smell like straight weed man...every male i have had has smelled like ferns or pine trees(nothing like weed). so if it smells like weed-indeed smell like pine-shit aint mine
  5. I love you. She's shooting up so quick, man I'll have to post pictures later. I pray for the females! :hello:
  6. Was that Chinese? I dunno, I figures that it made the point though. They can smell, right from the get go. So yes, this is normal, don't be skeered.

  7. you love me lol no homo

    ill make a thread with my plant and show u..she is hot lol

  8. Yeah on my day 17 my Lowryder #2 smelled pretty bad. I got a quart of Ona gel off of Amazon...that took care of it. I'm on day 24 now, so I'm sure it will get a lot worse by the time she starts flowering.
  9. Dang, both of my plants smell piney. I hope I don't have two males.
  10. Okay okay, turns out I asked my mother to give me a second opinion and she said it smelled like dirt, not weed.

    So I guess I'm just paranoid? :confused_2:
  11. dont worrie about it, the smell of a plant has absolutely no relation to the sex

    OP if u think she stinks now ur gonna have ur head blown off at harvest time:)

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