Day 80 delicious cheese candy auto

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  1. Today my cheese candy auto is 80 days old from seed but there's still some white hairs, have others grown this? Did 100% of the hair change colour when harvest? How long did it take you? I'm guessing it needs another 7-10 days to be honest as there's lots of under developed parts but what do you guys think?

    Main kola much less white hairs than other shoots, can I chop it and let the rest grow?
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  2. Check trichomes. I have seen many strains keep pumping pistils. If you have 80% or more I would bet you are good. I default to trichs.
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  5. If you really want to, yes you can cut the main cola and allow the rest to mature more. However I would say maybe 5-10 more days for the whole plant. Usually when you think it's done give it a few more days.:p
  6. See thats my goal for a plant haha fuck good job man
  7. you'll quickly learn that if you get too eager to harvest (1 or 2 weeks) your yield is like in half aha this plant shoulda went longer, i already made oil with all but like the best Q, the oil was fine tho =/

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