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Day 7, this shit is easy.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by isthisreallife, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Before 7 days ago I'd been smoking 5-6/7 days out of the week. I honestly have not had any addictive compulsions yet, and it's only getting easier. I browse this site everyday, looking at and reading about weed.

    I made this thread to document my thoughts throughout my tbreak. On day 14 I will report on how unbelievably ripped I get.
  2. i was on day 4 but i smoked this morning since i was nervous about going to class for the first time in 6 years. startingb back tomorrow and i will be doing 7 days so you and me will end at the same time.
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    Thats because weed is not addictive. Never understand why the youth think it is. I smoked weed everyday of my life (multiple times a day) for over 20 years. had to stop for a few months to get clean for a job. Had no withdrawal symptoms at all. Was not hard at all to not smoke (except for the fact that I love smoking and being high), but it wasn't that i was craving it in anyway.

    Nothing wrong with a T-break, but weed is not a physically addicting substance, so you will not experience any withdrawals when stopping. You may get yourself mentally addicted, but not physically.

  4. These days kids are forced to attend D.A.R.E. or other anti-drug lectures starting in elementry, where all they do is brain wash kids to think all drugs (besides the ones given to you by a doctor or your parents) are bad and addictive, for some reason expecially marijuana. which as we all know isnt true.
    Marijuana is safer then most medications these days.
  5. I'm bear grylls, and I'm gonna show you how to survive for a week without weed. It'll be a challenge, but as long as you're armed with the right knowledge, you can survive these seven days and hopefully find a rescue joint. (bear grylls accent)
  6. weed just ins't addictive. I quit for a month after smoking everyday for like a year no problem.
  7. My friend quit and he smoked everyday 2gs + a day for years and only got insomnia for a few weeks. It is mildly addictive for some people.
  8. Humans can be mentally addicted to ANYTHING. Any activity you do daily is going to be a part of your brains routine. So if you stop your brain freaks out. Im not at that point of reliance, but somethings definitely missing from my day.

  9. Yeah, he only got insomnia.

  10. Yeh everything is mentally addictive, really though people are just addictive.

  11. You didn't have problems sleeping?
  12. This is too true, especially for my generation. They hit you in the lower elementary years before anyone hears about it and everyone is just eating up whatever adults say. I just commented on a thread like this the other day, but that brainwashing was responsible for me staying away from weed until I was about 16-17 where I finally thought for myself and saw whats up. I can't say I'm not happy I didn't stay away from it for that long, but my god man, stop lying to the kids and legalize. Then you won't have kids getting access to it easily. The only way I got alcohol when I was pre-15/16 was to steal it from my parents (big surprise) but I knew people selling pot when I was 12-13. And even once I could get alcohol, it wasn't constant until I was 18-19, you just had to know someone to have a good supply (not the case for dank).

    Sorry for hijacking the t-break thread. Good luck with the break man. I've been on a 4-month t-break lately, which is probably why I'm so strung out and furious at society.
  13. I started a break yesterday (smoked last on Monday night) after smoking nearly constantly for 2 months (recovering from an operation). The hardest part for me is the boredom, since I had 2 days off college with nothing to do, and finding out my friend is selling some lemon kush straight from the grower so needless to say I've been pretty tempted. Hoping to last until next weekend when my friends throwing a party.
  14. that would be tight if there was an episode where he "accidentally" runs into a weed field and says "it is good to blaze in a survivaly situation as it will keep you calm which makes all the difference in the wilderness especailly on this slippy terrain" (bear grylls accent)
  15. Yes, I did. But that is due to MJ producing way more melatonin in our brains then what is the norm. Thats not a sign of addiction. That is just something that takes time to get back in sync with the normal levels. Its not a withdrawal symptom. Its not like I wasn't sleeping because I felt I needed to get high. The trouble sleeping thing tho was a bitch.

  16. Thanks for repeating exactly what I said.
  17. Weed is psychologically addictive, but you can quit cold turkey no problem as long as you arent a weak willed jive ass turkey.

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