Day 7 Purple Kush And Chemdog

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by malsauce, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Chemdog Is The Small 1 And Purple Kush Is The Big 1, Are These Ladies Looking Ok Under There 8 Bulb T5 Light???

  2. They look good!  There above ground.  I like that small one and big one, what a description.
    Keep up the good work. More info on the grow would be nice.
  3. Thanks will keep you posted

  4. look so cute at that stage :)
    and happy to say, it don't look like you over water :)
  5. Thanks I Feed Them Twice A Week And Water Them Distilled Water After The Two Days Of Feeding

  6. They look a little young to be feeding.  Try just watering when the pots lose weight and look dry. I usually
    just pick up the pots and can tell when to water. Schedule is sometimes not a good idea.
    Little dry makes those roots search for moisture.
    I use RO water. I get it at the store. Refill or new in jugs.
    PPM of the RO water is like 5.   About  37 cents a gallon. No by products. Any nutes you add is all for the girls.
    LAter  MoonRocky
  7. Thanks I Will Try

  8. My chemdog is looking awesome 3rd week of flowering
  9. Post it I want to see


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