Day 7 for clones...not looking good

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  1. Greetings everyone! I have a 15 plant cloning sytem. I have 2 air stones and I used Schultz rooting hormone.I keep the humidty in check with a humidity dome. Several of these plants have started to turn yellow and die. Is there anything I can do to insure their survival. And if they do die can I use the same rockwool cube? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. i bought a system like that that SWORE you would have roots in 10 days or before. Evey cutting died every time.

    for my bubble buckets i use the same method i use in soil.... take cutting dip it in CloneX rooting Hormone, wet down the rockwool and shake it out, put the cutting in the cube and put in fishtank with light and cover and in 7-10 days i have roots coming out the rockwool.

    I have tried this water rooting style many many times and if it ever does work takes forever for it to work.

    Sorry you wasted 15 cuttings for nothing...

    Some of them stillhave a chance but not the pictures of those you did seperate.
  3. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Your reply is very depressing,however, the truth. I had to destroy the mothers because I ran out of room, so I took clones. Is there any other method I could use to have success with the remaining 13 cuttings?
  4. Why did you kill the mother? just coz it was too tall??? simply clone the top off and chop it to the hight you want, it will branch from the sides.

    Never kill a mother, if anything put it to flower.
  5. your rockwool your not supossed to use it over again for one it may contain bacteria

    2nd your rockwol is way to damn saturated and if any roots started to grow they would have died

    you want to use a medium and have the stem under the water with an air stone

    i have a way of cloning but its with peat pucks "pellets"

    and you could try LST on your plants.. you didnt have to chop your mom because she got to tall

    LST is low stres training using something to tie the plant down to the shape and form and height you wish
  6. I feel like such a fool!!!!! I didn't realize this, damn!!!!! I was seeking other advice and was advised to take cuttings or possibly make hash. And the girls was on day 37 of 12/12 and had no flowers only white pistils that had begun to revert back to a vegetative state. After careful study I concluded
    that I couldn't properly continue to flower them successfully because they were almost 5 ft. tall.After all, I'm only a novice and many errors were made.And it was only bag seed, that's what I was thinking at the time.Like they say, some lessons are better learned than taught. Now I only have one girl in my stealth box, she's coming along nicely though, I want to thank both of you guys for your time and sound advice. And happy growing!

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