day 6 with no cigarettes no withdrawal?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sam42012, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Ok so day six has ended for me with no cigarettes or weed. I've been smoking the herb a few times a day for a couple years and about 8 cigarettes a day for the past year. Tomorrow will make it 1 week since I've smoked anything. The weird thing is that I have had no withdrawals to cigarettes or weed (I know weed withdrawal isn't bad) pretty much. Not even cravings really. Is it just my personality or are the withdrawals still to come? Thanks.
  2. You're home free dude.:hello:
  3. Been tobacco free for 15 months now, best thing I ever did... Weed tastes so much better without it.
  4. Nice man, did you have withdrawals...does anyone else think its weird that I'm not having any withdrawals at all...I mean really nothing at all its like i didnt even smoke.
  5. Mindset, aka how determined you are to stay off of cigarettes plays a large part in staying off of cigarettes. The times you normally smoke throughout the day are when you will most likely feel withdrawal symptoms, to avoid this do something else with your time when in situations that you previously would have smoked a cigarette.
  6. OP - do you believe in the 2012 shit???
  7. i used to smoke about 1/2 to 1 pack a day for two years, quit cold turkey with no withdrawal whatsoever. there were other times i tried to quit that only lasted a few days...i've heard people say if you get past 3 days you're straight, who knows? either way keep it up dude

  8. Im a smoker, kinda. Sometimes I go a week, maybe week and a half, every now and then withtout smoking and doesnt bother me. But I guess thats how a lot of people end up getting fucked.
  9. ^same, I know a bunch of people that were never able to quit from just smoking 2 or 3 cigs a day, I've been doing the same and haven't had any hint of cravings
  10. lucky, i stopped smoking for 9 days and had nicotine withdrawals everyday
    and I've only been smoking for 8 months

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