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day 57 trichrome pics

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Reefer Rick, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. ready to harvest? :devious:...what u think?

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  2. Id give it another two to three days and then I would harvest.
  3. What if theres no amber?..they've seemed to slow down, not taking as much water.
    All strains turn amber?:confused:
  4. The trich look mostly cloudy...no amber that I can see. You could harvest any time IMO but it wouldn't hurt to wait a week or maybe two
  5. for sure done, pick it
  6. either pick it now before they turn very amber and you'll have more up kinda high, wait longer and get more amber, the more stoney the high.
  7. Day 58

    I'm lookin' for couchlock :smoking:.....dont think they'll last 2 more weeks though :eek:

    nice link bud, ty ;)

    smore :devious:

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  8. sexy plant I would give it another week have you been flushing it yet? if so for how long?
  9. Instead of everyone guessing, and some of you have to be guessing wrong,

    Purchase a $10.00 microscope from radioshack


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  10. Ty, Rig
    they got a shot of Clearex over a week ago:hello:...now jus water/mollasses :cool:
  11. its the other way round...amateurs
  12. I dont know but that bud looks real nice man. You should upload photos 2,4,and 6 to the GrassCity gallery and look at it with the magnifier in there, you should be able to see the color of the heads, hell I think I can see them from here and they all look cloudy. So you are close for sure, maybe a week?
  13. Ummmmm...............you're wrong
  14. when cut early there is more thc, as it progresses the thc turns into cbd (brain active-ness) in other words, don't believe everything you read
  15. plant looks a bit like "abyss", wats the strain my man
  16. #17 Underpantsman, Oct 24, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2008
    CBD affects you body, its what med patients look for, for their pain, its not psychoactive

    This is why the Cali med-patients love 75 day overripe Bubba Kush. Its good meds for them
  17. my bad. thanks for pointing this out. u win this round lol
  18. How-Pow I commend you for admitting that, shows your character. Most people on the internet would just argue for the sake of arguing. Good man, if you win the next round, Im not scared to admit Im wrong too. :)

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