Day 57 > Ready for harvest?

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  1. Lights: *18/6 light-dark schedule
    Grow: \t3x CFL UVB 23W 6500K
    Flower:\t2x 40W CFL 2700K
    \t2x 20W CLF 2700K
    \t1x CFL UVB 23W 6500K
  2. Hey guys, so i harvested 2/3 of the plant #1
    The smell of the bud is brilliant indeed.

    top cola-24


    Any advices?
  3. Not bad. Expect to lose about 75% of the weight with proper drying and curing. Nice looking bud.
  4. Hey guys, just a little update...
    ...drying buds for few days and yesterday i found mold on the biggest one. (It was because of low temperatures in my room over night...)
    I cut out all the "infected" area, it wasn't that bad actually (2 grams).

    I also had first smoke from my first ever harvest and it was great.

    I never had anything different but Jack Herer, which gave me full body high.
    Red Dwarf gives me powerful cerebral high but I don't feel tired/lazy/etc.

    I will harvest the rest of plant #1 today/tomorrow and as I know better now...Mold has no chance winning this time
    Plant #2 is looking better/bigger every day, when I get home I'll take some pictures of her
  5. Visible mold means that spores are all over the place. Be careful or you'll wind up with more.
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    Thanks, i enhanced airflow a bit and put it in a slightly higher temperatures (75F) It should be ok now.
  7. The biggest risk factor will be humidity. If you can keep that down and keep the air flowing you should be OK. Just keep a close eye on them.
  8. Day 67 - picure update

    Plant #2

    amn, just turn your head guys :D
    Ill fix it when i got home

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