day 56 flower

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  1. 8th week flower bag seed is she almost ready?

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  2. Not ready now for sure. I say 2-3 weeks. Start flushing in a week or so.

    Get a jewelers loupe or magnifier to look at your trichs. Chop when 90% are cloudy, 10% amber, and no clear trichomes
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    Doesnt look ready to me.Hairs arent contracting at all.If thats not happening you may as well not even bother looking at trich's.

    Hairs will look frizzled,and almost sorta suck back into the pod's when mature.
  4. I thought 1 more week
  5. Highly doubt it, and if that were the case, you'd be running out of time to flush. As Disciplex said, pistils have yet to contract.

    Very few pistils will be white if any, and the calyxs will swell. Get a loupe or magnifier and check out the trichome ratio and report back
  6. Ok and also I have a plant on the verge of what looks like dying? Ill show what I mean... All tge leaves have drooped and her top bud is slumped... its a bad Hermie thonking anout just chopping
  7. Also what kinda loupe? 30,40,60,100x mag?
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    I wouldn't grow out hermies..

    And above 30x will do

    Edit- Would was supposed to be wouldn't
  9. super nice
  10. Got a 60-100x hand held scope

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