Day 5 Of Organic Mix

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  1. Shouldn't be a clear cup. lights will hurt the roots.
  2. If vegging under HID, your fine man.
  3. I don't believe light does hurt roots. I clone and then veg in clear cups all the time - not for the couple of weeks they'll be in those cups anyhow.

  4. Are they okay to throw under my hid lights now? I have a 600w dimmable lamp
  5. Couldn't see any pics - how big are they, what size pot are they in, what type of light are they under right now? If they're rooted up it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get them into at least a 1 gallon pot and then you could put them under your HID if they weren't super close, although 1 more week under a weaker light certainly wouldn't hurt them. It depends on how fast they're growing - if they're starting to grow then I say put them under your 600 but not too close. If they're just barely rooted then keep them under your lesser light.

  6. My apologize, when im on the thread under my phone, I can see the pics but just realized while im on the computer i cant see em at all.
    c99-0.JPG c99-1.JPG
    DS- 0.JPG DS- 1.JPG
  7. That small I'd wait to use the 600 - let them get bigger first and get a couple sets of leaves. What light are they under right now?

  8. OK cool thanks, and at the moment they are under some t5ho's. 2 bulb 4 footer
  9. They're just fine under the T5's for the next several weeks. You will want to transplant them once they get alot of roots and start growing.

  10. I appreciate the response, I ran into a problem today just noticed some weird discoloration. Im thinking they were burned by the lights, but the lights are about 8ins from the tops.
  11. 8" may still be too close to the tops of a young, tender seedling. Those plants are at a critical stage right now; they don't even have their second set of leaves yet. Lift the light a little higher and/or set a small fan to keep the hot air from the T5 away from the leaves. T5's can get quite warm as compared to a standard fluorescents light.

    Listen to your plant - it's leaves are burning for one reason or another.

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    Yea i adjusted the lights before making the post, im all about listening to the plants as ive read it over n over as how important it is which is why im not keeping logs of my grow, just going with the flow of every grow and go with wat each plants wants.

    These things are my babies, so excited lol. Im sure they are happy to their leaves been perked up since the leaves popped out
  13. Bump update?

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