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Day 48 in flower what do you think

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by catullus68, May 28, 2012.

  1. Here is my first grow under cfl's

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  2. Looks nice, kind of like blue dream but probably different. Post more pics before harvest :)
  3. :)Wow that looks almost ready!:)
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    Thanks, I was told it is blue dream. A friend of mine hooked me up with a clone. I guess you can say I cloned the clone.
  5. The last picture is awesome. First time I've ever seen a picture taken through a microscope before.
  6. I agree, it's a sweet pic...but you'll find lots of people post pics like that around here. Viewing the trichomes is a great way to determine the maturity of the flower and gives you an idea what kind of effects you can expect from your crop. Basically, they get you high as shit, so they are inherently fucking awesome.


    To the OP, if that's not ready...it will be very soon. The pistils have mostly receded and the buds have that overall amber tinge. That is a great job, considering you're not even at 7 weeks and they were grown under CFLs. :metal:rock on.
  7. I'd be so stoked if mine looks even close to that good at 7 weeks. I'm on day 12. Its my first attempt and I'm using cfl's. I still don't have enough light on in. I will after Wed night.
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    So what do you think? How much longer? Oh and thanks for all the feedback. Also should I start flushing?
  9. Should be ready to go by day 55. Try to get a closer look at the trichs to be sure though. I think it would be fine to begin flushing now. Also, how are the bottom buds looking? Since you're using CFL, you may want to consider doing a multi stage harvest to allow the lower ones to mature a bit more.
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    If it really is Blue Dream (totally called it btw), they need 9 weeks to finish. 7d X 9w = 63 days. I'd let it go that long at least.

    Flush 7-10 days before harvesting. Make sure you do multiple flushes for optimum flavor.

    For my light deprivation which you can see in my signature, my blue dream will be going 10 weeks total. They really add the most significant amount of weight in their final week or two and pulling early just hurts your yield.

    You can also tell if they're ready by grabbing a $10-$15 60x microscope and looking at the crystals. They should be milky white with small amounts of amber spread around but not dominant. If they're still clear, they need time to mature

    Budderball makes a good point. You probably will benefit from a multistaged harvest. Take the buds that are most exposed to the lights off, and leave the covered/bottom nugs to mature. Be sure that you raise the plants or lower the lights to compensate.
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    Weedwiki says 55-60, a few extra days could be beneficial though.

    Blue Dream - Cannabis Wiki

    Did your blue dreams look as mature by day 48? Good call on guessing the strain earlier in the thread too.
  12. It's pretty hard to tell just by a photo of a bud if it's ready (in my opinion). For our medical grows at the collective, all strains are checked with a microscope before harvesting to ensure top notch product. The particular strain of Blue Dream we have tends to like extra time.
  13. Thats a sweet ass job using cfls man. Just imagine what you'd do with a 600 hps. Sweet job I repped you for it you deserve it
  14. Thanks to all, the buds on the bottom are small so i will do a multistage harvest and give the lady's a few more weeks.
  15. Numbnutts thanks I,m considering purchasing a 400 or 600 hps but later on. only time will tell.
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    Question, is it OK to flush on a multistage harvest? If so after I flush and harvest the top colas do I once again give nutes to the nugs that remain?
  17. Looks bomb af!
  18. yea it's good to flush.
  19. Cool thanks for responding.
  20. :hello:Update day 55 I started flushing with PH water last week. Here are some pics:poke:

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