day 42 week 6 of flowerr????

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  1. Veged for 45 days.
    On day 42 of flower week 6 on the dot
    300mars hydro actual 132.
    Dwc. Floratrio nutes.
    24/7 during veg.
    12 12 flower..
    Nute once a week.

    Anyways. As of right now I have no glass to see the trichs. Could talk help me out and tell me? 6 weeks today? Should I nure one more time friday? Which will make it 6 weeks and 5 days, then the following Friday will make it 7 weeks and 5 days. And start the flush on that day? Then cut somewhere in week 8? Think this will be ready in that kind of time? Or how much longer would talk allow this to grow till flushing and cutting,
    Thanks feedback really needed and appreciated :)

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  2. Nice man (that's my Input lol)

    Someone else can help more experienced than me!! Looks really good though.
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  3. Thanks! Yeah just not sure when to harvest it or when to flushh it :/ hoping someone can give me a hand.
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  4. I just cant right now. So what else could be a option by looks ? What else could I do /:
  5. Guess no one can help /:
  6. I'm thinking about switching forums. Been here a good while and tbh the community is dying off. No one is as helpful as they use to be.
  7. Bro dont leave. You can watch for the pistils to start curling upwards which is a sign they are ready/almost ready. The cola should look thick and sugary. Btw none of these methods come even close to the jewlers loupe (you can also use a magnifying glass). When you get the loupe/glass harvest when almost all the trichomes are cloudy and some are amber
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  8. flushing, lol. You have a LOOOOONG time to go. i would keep doing what you are doing and try to keep it nice and healthy.
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  9. Actually if you must use another method..Pistils should be mostly brownish red, curling INWARDS, and seem to be swallowed up by the calyxes .

    The plant should stop sprouting new white pistils (some strains just will not stop..LOL).
    I still go by the Trich method, but if you cannot, then I suggest you use the above..
    Judging by looks in your pics, I think maybe 2-4 weeks before harvest. (staying away from the flush subject to avoid
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  10. i got it at a minimum of 4 weeks left and likely a bit more. 30-35 days.
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  11. Dude you are asking help in the absolute beginners section instead of the plant sickness and health or whatever it's called in this forum and it's only been 8 hours... a lot of us have been asleep we aren't setting alarms to wake up in the middle of night to fit on your schedule lol. Ask in the correct topic section next time and it may get more attention. But as the above poster said you have weeks don't flush.

    Grow journal
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  12. Thank you. I was talking about flushing in 2 weeks at 8 weeks not rn.
  13. I was thinking the same. I'm gonna flush in 2 weeks. Then chop a week or 2 after
  14. while inspecting my plants I noticed that the roots are poking out the sides of my 5gal. cloth pots, will this hurt them? I can't imagine transplanting at this point. They look beautiful and are beginning to flower.
  15. No, i was laughing at the idea of flushing at any point.
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  16. Why post this here in someone else's thread? ANYWAY...

    Will not hurt and they will "air prune" themselves..Actually that is a good sign that your plants have sent roots to the outer circumference of the cloth pot..
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  17. And they're off..HahHahHah
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  18. I don't want to start a shit storm here but why are you flushing at all?
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  19. was told it was best? Should I not flush?

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