Day 4.

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Sadly, it's day 4 of being dry. I am currently broke, and most of my dealers are gone some where for spring break. I have no idea where to find any buds in town right now. It's kind of pissing me off, because people who I smoke up quite a bit are all "well.. sorry, I can't smoke you up, I don't have enough" .. fuck that, I smoke you up even if it's my last bowl, and you can't even catch me a buzz? God damn. I don't even feel hungry, two days without eating. I don't eat unless I get the munchies. Oh well.. at least i'll lose some weight.. I need to find some bud though. :(


  2. hehe, the same thing happends to me
  3. AFD, I hope you find some bud man! I'd be upset with my friends too. It's a nasty cycle they are creating by being selfish. I mean you could decide to stop smoking them out and where does that leave everyone; smoking alone guarding their greens. Regardless maybe the weed fairy will visit. :p
  4. Good god, I hope she does. I found where I could get some, but the problem is I have no gas in my car, and no money for the bud. Plus the place is 30 miles away... Looks like it's just going to be another budless day. :(:(

  5. come and complain when you hit the month mark
  6. Well, I guess DBW was right. I ended up some how getting $20, I gave it to someone to get me xanax bars. In the mean time I drove out to a place and picked up this kid and brought him to his woman's house. So we get there, he says give her a ride about a mile, and they'll give me a BF.. Alright, so I do it. It was pretty decent buds. Then the xannys fell through, so I got my $20, found $5, and bought an 1/8th of it. Good stuff... nice to be high.

  7. weeds not crack you dont need it to get through your day if you do you have a problem
  8. Correction, I do need it to get through my day. I get really bad headaches without it, weed is the only thing to seem to help me. It's a pity Michigan doesn't have Medical Marijuana.

  9. Man I cant imagine be dry in my area I mean. That has never happened I can always get bud within my first 2-3 phone calls I mean, any amount anyone needs...Its weird how some places have it abundantly and others have none..Oh by the way man maybe you should go get an MRI if you have head aches EVERY day cause my step sisters mom had that problem. Turned out she had a brain tumor and died 6 months later...Not tryin to scare ya just a word of advice.
  10. Ask your "friends" where they got there bud at. Maybe one of them can point you in the direction of some stank-o-roonies.

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