Day 4 Tips Of Leaves Curling And Turning White/yellowish

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  1. She is only at Day 4, in her hydro bucket. Her tips have been turning very lightly yellow and now they are starting to curl, I have been keeping an eye on the pH level, which has stayed more yellow than green. Here are some pictures, and please give me advice or let me know if I am over worrying about my baby jane  :hello:
    A curling tip from one leaf, the lower leaves are curling more than the top and my plant is cross-sectioned:
    What my plant looks like:
    What my pH kit color shows:

    Help very much appreciated,

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    imo ph is slightly too high. want a little hint of orange 5.5-5.8 range. have you started feeding yet?
    also, if u only fill ur vial 1/4, it'll only take a drop or 2 of solution.
  3. It seems like every day the nutrients goes up instead of down, she is already bubbling with 1/4 the nutrients she needs so she doesn't fry, but I have tried pulling the lights back, I have had them on 24hr so I am going to start going 16 on, 8 off, so she can start growing in the dark. hopefully by tonight I can report some increase in the leaves health.  :confused_2:
  4. if ur ppm is rising then ur nute strength is too high. she's drinking more water than she is eating nutes. as long as they aren't burning the tips they are fine, but growth won't be optimal. u gotta find that sweet spot where ur ppm changes minimally (up or down) in between topping off and res changes.
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    Thank you, that is actually what I have been considering doing, I keep adding more acid, and it seems to be helping her for the first 12 hours, than more time goes by and she starts to get curly again, I only put in 1/4 the nuts, maybe next time I should start 10 days of 1/6th the nutrients?
  6. What is the concentration of your solution, do you know the ppm?
  7. It is at 6.2 pH, so I am going to lower it down to between 5.6-5.9 pH.  I will have more on my baby-jane tomorrow to get some more help if hopefuly, not, but if necessary I will need your brains  :hippie:
  8. At 6.2 ph you're barely starting to miss K, AND Ca is slipping a bit more, taking out nutrient uptake of Mn altogether with Fe, and B starting to slip also. Your ph measurement should be no higher than 5.8.
  9. Yeah thank you, I keep adding acid, I turned the lights off for my plant for 8 hrs last night while I slept, and this morning she seems to be getting better, maybe it is a couple problems in one, she was on 24hr light, and I think she was getting too much light at once, because her leaves are turning dark almost like drying up, and it currently appears that only the leaves that are turning yellow are closer to the soil underneath bigger leaves, while some tips are still curled a lot are starting to uncurl. 

    So right meow I think the problems consist of inexperience :
    pH Level-
    too much light- 
    the grow room got a little colder than usual 2 nights ago (I read that causes some stress and maybe leaf curl or darkening)-
    Please add more if you see any more problems and my grow journal is
    for more pictures

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