Day 4 - First CFL closet grow, slightly discolored leaves need feedback

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  1. Hey guys first time grower here, my plants been sprouted up above soil for about 4 days now. It has 2 little leaves that have been sprouting out but i noticed early on that they are discolored towards the tip a little, i dont know if u can see it in the picture but its slightly brown. Any ideas how i can fix my plant and keep the leaves healthier?

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  2. Cut the watering to only once...maybe twice per 10 days, and if you could let us know a little more about your soil...what kind is is, what's in it, etc...we can tell you if it's too hot for that little seedling.
  3. looks like miracle grow soil... tell me I'm wrong?
  4. it is miracle grow that bad? i know iv read alot about fox ocean organic soil? something like that...i do want to get different soil

  5. It is miracle-Gro Moisture Control potting mix. i took a picture of the back ingredients

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  6. any ideas how i can help my plant?

    different soil?
    more or less water?

    first time grower :eek:
  7. Most of the MG soils (including the kind you have) have time releases nutrients in them. These release with water, and can burn your plants. Seedlings at this age aren't ready for nutes, as you can see by the burned leaf tips. You can either flush it real well with plain water, or transplant into another soil that doesn't have time release nutes. The Fox Farm soils are a good choice.
  8. Alright so i figure i my aswell keep you all updated on how my plants doing.

    Today is day 5 since it sprouted...

    At about day 2 i started noticing discolored / burned leaves probably from the miracle grow soil that i stupidly bought. But things look like they might turn around for my little guy, looks like the leaves are growing in more and they are not all getting burned.

    What do you all think, will my baby recover from the early burn on the first pair of leaves?

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  9. Dude its way too fucked up to live on.

    With damage like that, THAT young, it will not make it to maturity.
    Just throw it dude, I dont know how you could have fucked it up in four days... Seedlings are the easiest things to grow, you just plant the seed, and water when its dry.
  10. Dude,
    He said he is a first time grower!
    It is a common mistake to just buy dirt... I personally make my own dirt!!!

    60% Potting soil
    15% Perlite
    10% Worm Castings
    10% Building Sand (or any clean sand)
    5% Veg State Nutrients (High in Nitrogen)

    But what you wanna do for your seedlings is just use the potting soil, after about a week or two you can put them in your good dirt! Another thing you wanna do is after you mix your dirt get it moist, cover your container and let it sit for a couple days. This will bind your mixers into one livable unit.....your new dirt!!!

    It doesnt hurt to throw in a little Blood Meal for extra Nitrogen!

    Hope that helps!:D

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