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    IMG_4383.jpeg IMG_4386.jpeg Day 39 of indoor
    1 of them is kushman and the other is seeds no idea what kind
    temps are between 75-80’s , rh around 40-50
    Using sensi bloom A&B along with bud candy
    How many more weeks should i aim for ? currently at 5 gon be 6 in a few days , was gonna give it a week before givin it the mendocino avalanche for the final cut nd gain weight or should i wait longer ?
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  2. sugar ! And more sugar. very good looking plant
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  3. POUR SOME SUGAR on mine, please! app 2 weeks from the flip & no sugar/odor. Plenty of pistols & stacking. Patience is a virtue I don't have. :frown:
  4. Yea u just gotta have patience, what are u using for the sugar ? it started to show around week 3 or so
  5. Molasses, kelp,fish,calmag liquid nutes & top dress every month. The experiment this grow is cutting down on water & increasing nutes. I do not water until it seeps out the bottom anymore. 1/2 gal/plant/day starting soon? Wk 2 from the flip now, 6 gal pots with 5 gals of soil gotta leave room for the top dress + neatness counts. & as long as the buds keep growing I sure aint gonna starve them. ;) Waddaya think about langbeinite during flower?
  6. Only thing i use is molasses around 6-7 teaspoons in 5 gal , and i don’t water till it seeps either i just water 1 big cup of water sort of and thats all the plants love it and i never used langbeinite
  7. :metal:

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