Day 35 Flowering. A couple first grow questions

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  1. Alright the time came and ive been flowering for 35 days. I have two plants going, and they both look incredibly different..Supposidly shiva shanti strain off a site online. One plant looks great right now, all the little hairs are turning light brown and it looks like i'll definitly get somthing off it. The other one doesnt look like its going to be ready to harvest for a long time, if ever. They both have had the same treament the whole grow...Any Ideas on what the difference is? The pics are pretty easy to tell the two apart. The pre-mature "looking" one has only white crystal hairs, while the other is getting some real nice purple in the buds. ANY SUGGESTIONS, comments please.

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  2. Can you tell us more about what you feed them and what size pot and what kind of lights are helps us and you out more....looks nice:smoke:
  3. Purple eh? Hmmmm *sigh*
    Anyway, could just be differences due to different phenos or plant traits within a strain. I wouldn't write the odd one off tho you still have 30 days or so which can make a big difference. Hope you are pleasantly suprised by harvest :)
  4. shit if u dont like the runt give her to me :) jk nice plants what light u using? +rep
  5. Ok, Sorry I said purple,I know their not actual purple buds. I know what that kinda purple looks like. Its just getting tints of purple, couldnt you see it?> I Used a cool metal halide from my fish tank, and then I purchased a T-5 fixture to flower with a red spectrum.

    OH yeah and being my first grow I sported the miracle grow soil, my bad. I wont use it again by any means, but for all the crap that gets talked about that soil, I didnt think it did that bad. What do I know though, this is my first grow ever.

    Botanicare veg fert
    Botanicare fruit and flower fert
    "Sweet" by Botanicare are the ferts ive used
    RO water
    4 1/2 gallon pots (too small)

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